Perfect Cooker

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What is Perfect Cooker?

As per the TV infomercial it is a one-touch rice cooker that makes perfectly delicious meals in no time. It has one-touch smart technology with no other programming required and portable nature to let users simply cook anywhere they want.


Perfect Cooker REVIEW

A user of Perfect Cooker Michelle Richardson says that she bought the cooker on the spur when she saw it on the TV and now has two units. The Cook button needs to be pressed perpetually to cook food completely. She adds that it’s not practical to keep a check if it has switched to the ‘Warm’ setting especially if you have other chores to take care of. She also adds that it takes forever to cook food if one has to wait 5 minutes to repress the ‘Cook’ button to switch from warm to cook and the cooker is not as fast as it claims. Another reviewer Andrea Hughes writes that the show hasn’t demonstrated the things that need to be flipped over while cooking. She advises against any recipe such as bread pudding or cheese cake that needs flipping because it won’t work. The instructions were incomplete and the reviewer would be sending the unit back. Another customer of Perfect Cooker, Taylor Ellis calls it a piece of junk and a waste of money that needs to be continually restarted while it cooks and it switches to ‘Warm’ setting every few minutes. The cooker takes longer to cook food compared to an oven or stove.

One user of the cooker Rebecca Dalton writes that she bought Perfect Cooker in the ‘Buy one get one free’ offer with choices of black, white, or red and accidentally opted for the white one instead of black. When she called the customer care to change the order to black and received her order, she received only one unit and was informed that the offer was applicable only on the white Perfect Cooker. Even though it didn’t mention anywhere in the TV ad or website, she was asked to buy two more in white, which according to her is a fraudulent practice. Susan Graves, another customer writes in her review that customers should save their money and time on buying this one. It doesn’t have the one click feature and had to be clicked seven times to get the biscuits of chicken pot pie done. It needs rechecking every few minutes to see if the food is cooked. She also adds that she didn’t receive the recipe book and had to go online for the recipe.

One reviewer of Perfect Cooker, Alex Decker bought two units for $19.99 and writes in the review that it is useless. He tried to make eggs and vegetables following the instructions on the Infomercial. The button had to be clicked three times and the time it took to make two servings could have easily made breakfast for three people to be eaten at the same time. Another user Emily Brown calls the product a scam as it doesn’t perform the way it claims and is not worth the $20 one will spend. Cooking the traditional way on skillets cooks food faster. Other than being cute it doesn’t have any worth. Reviewer Megan Knight states that the instructions ask to add more liquid if the cooker switches to ‘Warm’. That is impractical for recipes that require no liquid and even adding oil doesn’t work. In spite of pushing the button again and again, the cooker goes back to ‘Warm’ setting and didn’t cook the food at all.

A reviewer of Perfect Cooker Kacey Stack finds it hard to keep pressing the ‘Cook’ button to get the food completely cooked. She adds that if one has to wait 5 minutes to repress the ‘Cook’ button to go from ‘Warm’ to ‘Cook’, the food takes forever to prepare. Reviewer Barbara Collins had to keep pushing the cook button and wait 5 minutes till she could press it. But the cooker stayed on for 3 minutes and went off again. The manual instructed to add liquid to the cooker if it failed to stay on for the required time but since she was making cheesecake no liquid could be added and 15 minutes to make it was a long time. When Barbara tried calling the customer care there was no answer and the email bounced back twice. It’s going to cost her money to send the cooker back. There weren’t more recipes on the site even though they were meant to be and all the claims are false.

Another user of Perfect Cooker Bailey Fort bought 2 units for $19.99 and had to press the ‘Cook’ button thrice before the eggs and vegetables were cooked. It was a waste of time and he adds that it’s a scam to get people to buy it. A buyer will realize as soon as the cooker arrives that it doesn’t perform the way it supposed to and returning it is going to be a trouble and hassle few customer would want to get into. The $20 will be wasted on a scheme which is just to make the manufacturers rich quickly. It would be more sensible to used traditional pans and pots to cook and food would be on the table in a much lesser time. Yet another customer of Perfect Cooker who reviewed the cooker Casper Johnson says that the TV ad for the item makes it seem like one can cook in it just by pushing the ‘Cook’ button, after which the cooker would stop cooking automatically and switch to the ‘Warm’ setting and the food would be cooked and ready to be eaten. But Casper adds that this is inaccurate and most recipes require the user to keep going back to the cooker to either stir or flip over the food. There are many recipes that require doing this continually till the ingredients are cooked. For instance, lasagna needs being checked on after 15 minutes after the cooker has been set to ‘Cook’ button. One then needs to return in 45 minutes, push the button again, and wait for one more hour, whereas a regular oven takes just 45 minutes to make lasagna. The advertising is completely false and even though not apparent it is misleading.


How does Perfect Cooker work?

Delicious cooking made easy – Perfect Cooker emphasizes to be one unique cooker that uses electricity to cook any meal within no time. Currently there are no Perfect Cooker reviews available that will verify with its claims. Perfect Cooker claims to reduce time, energy, and stress involved while cooking; more details will be exposed when Perfect Cooker is reviewed. The secret to Perfect Cooker is allegedly its unique design and technology that wins over other such electrical cookers. Is Perfect Cooker really the answer to complicated cooking? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Impressive design – Perfect Cooker guarantees to be the single most effective cooker one would ever need due to its one-pot, one-touch technology. At this point of time there are no Perfect Cooker reviews available that will attest to its claims. Perfect Cooker assures when its single button when activated the built-in Thermo-Sensor calculates the exact amount of heat and cooking time required. Once done it simply switches off and goes into warming mode to make the food ready to serve. This way there is no need to programme it for different recipes. Such a fantastic feature does make Perfect Cooker impressive but we will know for sure only once we get to analyze its reviews.

Perfect Cooker Features and Benefits – Perfect Cooker states to have a removable lid and pot that can be simply placed into a dishwasher for cleaning. The pot is non-stick in nature to make its cleaning easy. More shall be verified once Perfect Cooker is reviewed. Perfect Cooker further asserts to have insulation that keeps the outer casing cool to the touch and can be carried around with convenient carrying handle. This design feature will be further evaluated by users in their reviews. Perfect Cooker declares to be compact in size and is smaller than a coffee machine.

This is why one can simply carry it anywhere they go; from hotel rooms to offices, college dorm to parties, boat or RVs to tailgating parties. Send us your Perfect Cooker reviews if you have found it useful. Perfect Cooker maintains to be great for white, brown and wild rice. It also cooks quinao, oats and meals such as beef stew, turkey chilli, fettuccini Alfredo and endless amount of recipes. User reviews will shed some light on its claims. Perfect Cooker also proclaims to cook desserts such as cheesecake, choco lava cake, etc. Currently there are no Perfect Cooker reviews available that will substantiate its claims.


A perfect rice and one-meal cooker – Perfect Cooker claims to cook rice perfectly without having to deal with over or under cooked rice or keeping a check on it while it cooks so that it works with your schedule. The cooked rice will stay fresh and warm for several hours and you won’t have to reheat it, as the manufacturers of Perfect Cooker assure. Not just as a rice cooker but you can also allegedly use it to steam vegetables, chicken and fish, cook a number of different healthy one-dish meals, and also cook frozen vegetables or entrees in pouches. Perfect Cooker declares to be an all-purpose pot that can also cook soups, stew or risotto, reheat meals faster than in oven, and lets you serve directly from it. The rice cooker emphasizes to be great for any place from your home kitchen, dorm room, studio apartment, and vacation getaway.

Doesn’t burn or dry rice – Perfect Cooker maintains that when you turn the unit on, its inner pot that rests on a plate heats up and boils the water in the pot. The temperature sensor of Perfect Cooker then reduces heat automatically to “Keep Warm” setting after the rice has cooked to keep the meal at proper serving temperature without burning, drying or making it soggy. Perfect Cooker convinces to come with a measuring cup that adheres to rice industry standards and can be used to measure rice and water. Perfect Cooker asserts that the rice won’t stick to the bottom of the inner pot if it is rinsed in a separate bowl until the water is clear before cooking. This will remove excess bran and starch. You may also wish to add a thin layer of oil or nonstick cooking spray to the inner pot before adding rice. This also removes excess bran and starch that causes overflowing or leaving a sticky residue. Also adding a thin layer of oil or nonstick cooking spray to the inner pot before cooking the rice ensures that the rice doesn’t stick to the pot.

Precautions and safety – You need to exercise extreme caution while opening the lid of the Perfect Cooker since rice cookers can reach high temperatures and produce large amounts of steam. Perfect Cooker states that it should be used with long-handled cooking instruments while sautéing butter, oil, or other fats.

Cook rice and steam food simultaneously – You are guaranteed to be able to cook rice and steam food simultaneously in Perfect Cooker, which also lets you make delectable one-pot meals. It states that you can combine uncooked rice and water into the inner pot without filling the inner pot to capacity with rice when steaming to prevent the food from boiling over into the steam tray. The instruction manual of Perfect Cooker assures to give you the exact rice capacity you can add along with the correct cooking duration for steaming. It states that you must first begin to cook rice and add food you want to steam towards the end of the initial cooking cycle.


What do I get?

Get the Perfect Cooker for $39.98 + $9.99 S/h. Official websites: |


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5 Comments on "Perfect Cooker"

  1. I really disappoint…but i cant reach people for returns.
    It’s not good at all

  2. Thank you, for the reviews it helps. Kim

  3. Frances Hebert | March 30, 2016 at 9:49 pm | Reply

    Do not buy this machine. It does not work. I will be sending both of mine back. I have pruff that it went through my bank. Do not buy. You will regret it. I’ve ordered other machines that Eric showed on tv and love them. But this prefect cooker, not. It’s not good at all.

  4. I purchased the Perfect Cooker, one for me and one for my sister. I have only used it a few times but one thing I don’t remember seeing on the cooking show, is them having to flip the food. The advertisement is misleading!

    Vanessa Martin
    Claremont, NC

  5. I purchased a Perfect Cooker at Bed Bath Beyond. Had it 4 weeks used it 5 times and it completely died. the instruction manual says to s end it back with $14.99 for replacement along with proof of purchase. I threw out the receipt.? What a rip off!
    Charlene Gilbert AZ

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