Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

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Compare what is it? Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: It is a portable cooker that offers you the advantage of one pot, one touch technology so that you can make pastas, soups, rice and a whole lot more in a matter of minutes. For more information and Perfect Cooker review, please visit this page.

Aroma Rice Cooker: It is an 8 cup sensor logic rice cooker and food steamer, which helps you make restaurant quality rice, healthy steamed meals and mouthwatering one pot dishes in a matter of minutes.


Compare what does it do? Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: One touch technology is at the heart of this one pot, portable cooker and it makes things a lot easier for you. The built-in thermo-sensor calculates the exact cooking temperature and time for every recipe so that you don’t have to think about programming. When the food is cooked, it automatically goes into keep-warm mode so that you can eat whenever you want to. You can use this cooker to make breakfast, lunch dinner, dessert and a whole lot of items like beef stew, chicken stew, noodles, omelet, brownies, pastas etc.

Aroma Rice Cooker: The highlight of this cooker is its Sensor Logic Technology, which makes the most out of the micro computer to choose the perfect cooking temperatures and add to the flavor and texture of dishes. From making brown and white rice to steaming meats, vegetables and making your favorite one pot dishes; you can do it all with the help of this cooker.


Compare features: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: One touch technology makes cooking a breeze for you. It has a built-in thermo sensor, which ensures that the cooker chooses the perfect cooking time and temperature for you. Hence you will be able to cook your chosen dishes precisely and without any hassle. The auto Keep Warm mode means that food stays warm for you to eat when you choose to. It has a non-stick coated removable pot for your convenience and since it is portable, you can cook wherever you want to. Steaming vent, convenient carry handle, lock tight lid, insulated cool to touch outer case, and even heat distribution plate technology are some of the other features that make cooking convenient and efficient for you.

Aroma Rice Cooker: Firstly, it has a generous capacity to help you make 4 to 20 cups of any variety of rice. However there are specialized functions for white and brown rice. Its high and low slow cook functions can turn it into a 3 quart slow cooker to give you added cooking options. The quick rice function means you can cut down your rice cooking time by half. The 15 hour delay timer makes a lot of sense for families on the go and the Keep Warm function ensures that the food is kept warm after it is cooked. The inner cooking pot and accessories can be removed for easy cleanup.


Compare benefits: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: It saves you time and hassle of cooking because One touch technology with built in sensors do the job for you. You will also be saved money on eating out at restaurants. But one of the biggest advantages of this cooker is the fact that it is compact and portable so that you can cook with it on RVs, boats, at sporting events and when you are out tailgating too.

Aroma Rice Cooker: It offers you a quick option of cooking adequate amounts of rice, and works well for all varieties of rice. You can make healthy steam meats and vegetables besides delicious one pot dishes quickly. It has a stainless steel body and a BPA free steam tray, which ensures that it’s long lasting and safe for use. Not only is it easy to clean up but comes with a steam tray, recipe booklet, rice measuring cup, serving spatula and soup ladle for your convenience.


Compare cooking capacity: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: It is available in 3 and 5 cup sizes.
Aroma Rice Cooker: It can make 4 cups of uncooked and 8 cups of cooked rice.


Compare settings: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: Its One Touch technology means there is no need to worry about programming. It has an auto Keep Warm mode to keep your food warm for you.

Aroma Rice Cooker: It has high and low Slow cook functions besides specialized functions for brown and white rice.


Compare price: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Perfect Cooker: You can buy it for two easy payments of $19.99.

Aroma Rice Cooker: The cooker is available for $29.92.


Compare Pros and Cons: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma Rice Cooker Pros

Aroma Rice Cooker is a very effective and easy-to-use rice cooker that makes all kinds of rice and steams vegetables very well.

The rice cooker is more cost-effective than other cookers on the market priced at over $100, and performs better than the competition. Aroma Rice Cooker claims that you can use it as a crock pot, steamer, and slow cooker too. The cooker declares to work best for making for 2-4 people at a time, looks great and can make dishes such as Pulao, Rice, Quinoa and even soups easily, while being easy to clean.


Aroma Rice Cooker Cons

Most users have complained in their review that while Aroma Rice Cooker makes rice well, it takes a little longer than one would expect.

You need to keep a watch on its cooking as it may overcook rice based off its timing system.

Along with cooking rice and steaming vegetables it ends up burning the rice, which would be okay if you have the taste for it – this is also one of the most common complaints reported by users.

It simmers well but steam function is a bit lacking. It has a limit of steaming to 30 minutes and you need to push buttons again to steam more and meat may take up to 2 hours to steam. There is no option for minutes in the cooker.

Aroma Rice Cooker is a bit difficult to clean.

The cooker doesn’t show time to cook and you need to add extra water since it dries the rice out before finishing the cooking time. The water measure is inaccurate its measuring cup is 3/4 cup, which one needs to remember while measuring water for the rice when cooking.

Aroma Rice Cooker does not keep the rice warm for more than an hour.

The lid collects the steam water inside and should be able replaceable for washing. This problem is reported by significant number of users

After a couple of years of even light usage the nonstick coating of the inner pot starts to peel off into the food and you need to be extremely careful while serving out of the cooker and also washing, though it can be replaced to solve the issue. The cooker takes 10 minutes to heat before the steaming cycle begins. The ‘Keep Warm’ function makes rice soggy over a long stretch of time. Even though it is effective, it is not convenient to reheat the rice. You need to read the instructions carefully to prevent the rice from becoming a big mess.


Verdict: Perfect Cooker vs Aroma Rice Cooker

While Perfect Cooker is ideal for cooking when you are on the road, Aroma Rice Cooker has more functions and features for you. It’s also cheaper, which makes it the winner for us. Almost all of the issues of Aroma Rice Cooker are not at all serious and can be addressed with some careful planning. People just like to whine. We recommend Aroma Rice Cooker over Perfect Cooker which is cheap and overrated.

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