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What is A PediVac?

A revolutionary machine that gives you silky smooth skin with a built-in vaccum & powerful nano-abraision head that is extremely gentle on your beautiful skin.


Right and dry calluses are both uncomfortable and an ugly sight, using scrapers and other expensive tools to eliminate calluses are painful and messy. Now there is a simple and easy way to remove calluses without the mess. As per the infomercial, PediVac is a motorized callus remover with a built-in vacuum that promises to painlessly remove calluses in only seconds, leaving you with soft and smooth feet you have always wanted!

PedVac emphasizes that its secret is DermaVac Technology that effectively removes calluses while simultaneously sucking up the power shavings and dust for a no mess job. Does it sound too good to be true? PediVac reviews will soon reveal the facts. It proclaims to effortlessly smooth out bumps and erase dry heels. It also can be used to remove hard-work hand calluses. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once we look and analyse PediVac reviews.

How does PediVac work ?

Tired of using the same old techniques and remedies to get fabulous skin? Here’s a promising solution for your problems! A Pedi Vac is a motorized callus remover for your feet with a built-in vacuum to clean up shavings quickly and easily.That means all you have to do is simply stroke it gently and let it do the magic for you . Lets see it to believe it!

As promising as it may sound , does PediVac really deliver what they have mentioned ? Is it really possible to get baby soft skin again ? We will have to wait for PediVac reviews to verify the claim.

It states that the battery life is really good but at this time there are no PediVac Reviews to support this claim.

PediVac Review

It is an innovative concept which is targeted for those who wish to have prettier feet and are facing dis-comfort . There are few in this category apart from the old household remedies or the traditional methods of getting the job done. Here’s what we have got to know from the few who have purchased this product.

How reliable is Pedi Vac?

The idea is good but implementation sucks.. what a bad design!It clogs very fast and one has to open and clean it every 30 seconds…Not reliable, quits working! Safe to say its not recommended . For long does it function in a single charge? Do it require constant cleaning?

Honest opinion by a reviewer : Terrible! It barely works and when it does, one has to clean it out every 10 seconds (literally). After a proper 12-16 hour charging, it goes strongly for about 15 seconds, then can be stopped with minor pressure and won’t even spin again until the roller is nudged with a finger. I loved not having to go through batteries as I did with my other pumice-roller, but I guess that is the only way to guarantee a full charge.

Is it worth my hard earned money?

Doesn’t do a thing! Don’t waste your money….You can`t even press it harder, as its just simply stops rolling.One has to spend a day- to remove some tiny layer of callus.Basically this is slightly over-rated and over-priced!

Are the disclaimers relevant ?

We read about how pressing too hard can make it seem as though the Foot File is not charging,charged it fully, overnight, then ran it NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING and it ran to a complete stop after 1 min 33 seconds. .

It’s not removing the dry skin and also the charge is not working! Infact it Bogs down when barely touching the skin.


Quality is not upto the mark and is exclusively available only on selective websites that includes additional shipping charges.

Do you recommend?

Not recommended. Do not take a chance on this – look someplace else.

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