Patchtastic Review

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What is Patchtastic:

It is a solution that promises to help you fix any dents and holes on your drywall in a matter of minutes.
Patchtastic maintains that it is the simple solution you need to maintain the look of your drywall and get rid of those unsightly holes. You want to make sure everything in your house is just perfect but the holes in drywall can take away from the look of your homes. You can’t keep looking for professional help ever so often because it can cost you a fortune but you can’t leave these holes and dents lying around either. Patchtastic asserts that it has brought you a smart, efficient and easy solution that practically anyone can use at home.


Patchtastic and what makes it effective?

The secret of Patchtastic lies in its mesh patch that is meant to fix the holes in your drywall. All you have to do is place the mesh patch on the hole or the dent on the wall and seal it in place. It will work so effectively that no one will know that there was a hole on the wall in the first place. Patchtastic also offers you a paint touch up applicator, which has its advantages. Once you have fixed the hole or the dent on the wall, you can simply use the applicator to touch up the wall in the same colour as before. Thus your job will be done professionally and without any hassle, according to its claims.


Patchtastic is meant for your convenience
To begin with, Patchtastic asserts that it can take care of any hole, ding or dent on your drywall in a matter of minutes. Moreover it suggests that it’s the fastest and most inexpensive way of fixing these problems. Patchtastic guarantees you results without having to look for professional help or any special tools, cutting and sawing. Everything you need to fix these issues is available to you in this convenient kit. You also get respite from messy putties with this solution, which guarantees you great value for your money.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 Patchtastic kit that includes 2 plaster packets, a mixing spoon, 3 mesh patches, plastic spreader card, sand paper, for just $10 +$11.90 S&H.
  • You also get 2 Touch Up Painter
  • Official website:
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    1. What I like most about the kit is the paint applicator tube. Once the hole is repaired there still remains the daunting task of having to get out a paint can and paintbrush. With the included paint applicator tube you can have your paint always ready for these little repair jobs and touch ups around the house. Also, I like the packets of plaster are pre-measured and dry. I always hate when I go to “old-school” tube of spackel to repair a hole and find it has dried out. This kit is great for anytime repairs that will just take a few minutes to complete

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