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About Orlando Pita Play

Orlando Pita Play claims to be a hair volume boosting spray that is a revolution in hairstyling. It asserts to result in up to 155% increase in hair lift with heat activation and compared to other hair volumizing products it retains much longer with its heat activation resulting in up to 90% of original styling volume staying after 48 hours. Orlando Pita Play alleges to give up to 18% increase in the diameter of single hair strand. It alleges to make hair touchable and plush and does not dry or damage hair unlike other such products. Orlando Pita Play convinces to be great for any type, color and length of hair for innumerable hairstyles achieved without any hassle.



How does Orlando Pita Play work?

Orlando Pita Play states to feature an exclusive Mega Plump 5 Protein Complex – a polymer that is blended with five multi-functional protein complex created to promote healthy-looking and full-bodied hair. The polymer is maintained to be created to promote the effectiveness of the proteins for better retention. It also creates a slight and flexible hold to provide a look of height and lift instantly. This Mega Plump 5 Protein Complex of Orlando Pita Play asserts to increase healthier-looking volume to enhance styling benefits and is lightweight and non-greasy on the hair to make them touchable and bouncy.

A revolutionary hair volume boosting spray – If you are looking for better volume of hair for better hairstyling then the boosting spray Orlando Pita Play promises to be the right solution for you. The hair volume boosting spray promises to have a Mega Plump 5 Protein Complex technology that gives up to 155% increase in hair lift. It emphasizes to be so effective and long lasting that a whopping 90% of initial styling after application of the spray is retained even after 48 hours unlike other sprays that have short-lived results. The 5-protein complex of Orlando Pita Play alleges to have Rice Protein, Quinoa Protein, Soy Protein, Wheat Protein and Silk Protein that blend together to make a fortifying formula to give hair volume better lift and longer retention.

Several benefits to the hair – The Mega Plump Technology of the hair volume booster spray declares to have several benefits. It nourishes and conditions hair to make them look fuller and adds a silky shine to the hair. Orlando Pita Play does not disrupt the pH level of the hair and keeps it neutral, healthy and guarantees to be specifically created to prevent damage to hair strands. The hair spray asserts to be made of lightweight innovative silicones so while it gives your hair volume it won’t weigh your head down. Orlando Pita Play convinces to make hair extremely plush, soft, and healthy and hence very touchable while making styling hassle free and easier and more flattering. The heat activation in the technology gives better styling, durability and hold along with healthier looking hair.

Better than other volumizing technologies – Even though there are a number of volumizing technologies out there, they can do more harm to the hair. However, Orlando Pita Play assures that it does not dry out hair or have a bad pH level like these traditional products. It makes sure that the hair does not feel like straw or sticky and greasy or coats the hair shaft with silicone that you would be undesirable to touch. Unlike traditional sprays and technologies, Orlando Pita Play does not weigh the hair down or create a temporary lift. Most volume products do not give shine to blonde hair and on the contrary give it a dull look but Orlando Pita Play makes it lustrous and fuller.

For different hairstyles – When sprayed on wet hair and blow dried, Orlando Pita Play claims that just a little of the spray also goes a long way to give amazing shining body to hair. It proclaims that it doesn’t stick to the curling iron and lets you create different styles from neat curls to waving hair all over for a messy look or Modern Brigitte Bardot height look to the French Twist. It states to work as effectively on dry hair as it does on wet hair and the volume stays put even after you have blow dried the hair. Orlando Pita Play promises that you will get a great fall in your hair with it. The hair spray alleges to give you endless possibilities of creating different and experimental hairstyles no matter what the length of your hair or even type and color, whether a short-haired brunette head or a long-haired blonde.

A range of products – Not just the volume spray Orlando Pita Play has a whole range to give you the best of your crowning glory. Foam Full Volumizing Shampoo is formulated with effective polymer and natural protein blend to give fuller volume, shine, and more moisture while cleansing gently. High Spirited Weightless Leave-in Conditioner is a nourishing formula that seals in shine and gives it enhanced lift and bounce even to fine hair. Big Reviving Bodifying Hair Mask makes hair visibly silky and shiny and giving extra bounce and moisture. The luxurious cream doesn’t weigh the hair down. Orlando Pita Play also claims to have The Great Inflate Air Whipped Styling Foam is a lightweight and flexible formula provides flexible hold and fullness along with touchable results from roots to tips.

Max Capacity Hybrid Hairspray of Orlando Pita Play has a blend of micronized powders to create a multi-functional mist to absorb impurities and oils and provide the benefits of dry shampoo with enhanced lift, texture and sheer hold and leaves strands refreshed and tousled. Full Extent Firm Hold Hairspray is a quick-dry spray that controls humidity, secures hold without stiffness without sticking. The Gloss Up Weightless Polishing Cream defines hairstyle while adding visual body and luster. The whole range Orlando Pita Play declares to effectively cleanse, condition, style, hold, and give finishing to your hair to make it enviable and touchable and give you the best of hairstyling.


Official website: OrlandoPitaHair.com

2 Comments on "Orlando Pita Play"

  1. I’m never buying Orlando Pita again. I bought it at Costco, the packaging was only the container being shrink-wrapped.
    I began using the conditioner first (the shampoo and conditioner are sold separately) and I thought there was a lot of hair going down the drain.
    I bought the shampoo and when I used it, I noticed the hair going down the drain again. I washed my hair again yesterday and I lost a lot of hair!
    My hair is thin now and I’m worried. I won’t be using anymore. Anyone else losing hair from using this product.

  2. Judy Melton | May 31, 2017 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    I will never again buy an Orlando Pit product due to the excess packaging. I bought the volumizing hair mask which comes in a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ container. It was packed in a 9″ x 12″ box, then placed in a black plastic, upscale bag.

    This is an unconscionable affront to our environment.

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