NuWave Pressure Cooker Review

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What is NuWave Pressure Cooker

As per the infomercial it is a revolutionary cooker that helps cook large, flavorful meals for the whole family. It is designed with excellence to provide quality, capacity and safety in the kitchen.


Revolutionize cooking

NuWave Pressure Cooker guarantees to revolutionize the way you cook in the kitchen with its many feature rich design. Regular cooking can be slower and at the same time you are often unable to get evenly cooked nutritious food. To cook a complete meal one needs too many pots and pans, which can take up a lot of space on the counter and cabinets. But now, meals for the whole family can be allegedly cooked in NuWave Pressure Cooker with the help of its 6.5 quart capacity.


Fast cooking advanced technology

NuWave Pressure Cooker promises to deliver faster cooking time with its advanced technology all thanks to its specialty lid. In fact, the pressure building mechanism inside NuWave Pressure Cooker guarantees to prepare full meals at a 3 times faster speed over other conventional methods. The lid is designed to fit firmly in place with the help of ridges on the lip of the pan and locks with a switch available on the handle. There is a safety indicator on the handle which detects pressure if maxed out and must be released. Plus the silicone gasket that is lined inside the lid creates an airtight seal inside NuWave Pressure Cooker. This allegedly gives NuWave Pressure Cooker the capacity to cook anything from full meals, seasoned meat, vegetables, rice, sauté, braise, caramelize onions and veggies, etc. in a fraction of time. To make cooking a much better experience the cook-all-in-one NuWave Pressure Cooker asserts to come with a top dial that helps in controlling the pressure at different level settings. The body of NuWave Pressure Cooker is stated to be made from high-quality premium grade stainless steel material which is easy to clean.


What do I get?

You get NuWave Pressure Cooker for $74.95. Official website

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