Ninja Coffee Bar Review

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About Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja Coffee Bar is a home coffee brewer that promises to let you make all flavors, types, and sizes of rich coffee right in the comfort of your home with just one machine. The brewer also states to let you make Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice drinks, and frothy specialty beverages to turn your classic black coffee into a more exciting beverage and assures that you can do all of this at just the push of a button. Ninja Coffee Bar proclaims to have many features such as the Programmable Delay Brew that lets you preset the brew 24 hours in advance.

How does Ninja Coffee Bar work?

The coffee maker Ninja Coffee Bar claims to be the only coffee machine with Auto-IQ or one-touch intelligence lets you choose a size and brew of your choice. The coffee brewer proclaims to have a patent-pending technology that blends Precision Water Delivery with automated controls for Coffee Saturation, Flavor Richness, Calibrated Temperature, and Pre-infusion to give you the perfect cup of coffee. It also convinces to have Thermal Flavor Extraction technology that releases the full flavor potential of your cup, travel mug or even a half or full carafe of coffee any time you want and within minutes.

Ninja Coffee Bar Complaints/REVIEW

A user of Ninja Coffee Bar Laura Phoenix complains in her Ninja Coffee Bar review that it has awful quality and coffee flavor and didn’t brew a full carafe. Another reviewer Paul in his Ninja Coffee Bar review complains that after rinsing the plastic parts, they cleaned the machine by running three pots of water through it. The first two pots smelled like plastic. In spite of the $200 price range the machine has a cheap and flimsy plastic build quality that wouldn’t be durable, complains Paul in his Ninja Coffee Bar review. He further complains that the Ninja over extracted coffee beans and made a horrible bitter cup of coffee on the classic and rich brew settings. Altering the amount of coffee did not help. The hot plate of the glass carafe model did not turn off on pressing the warmer button and the warming plate switch was possibly defective and a potential fire hazard. The filter basket leaked all over when pulled out, even when the lever switch was closed.

Another reviewer Richard complains that coffee tasted like plastic and gave off a strong smell. Though the first cup of coffee tasted fine, it turned out nasty even after relentless cleaning of the cup. The steam it produces would build up and warp the cupboard if put underneath. They decided to return Ninja Coffee Bar and opt for the $10 Brew’N Go from Black and Decker. Another customer Rick says that it is average and not worth what it costs. Unlike Hamilton Beach coffee maker that stops brewing when you pull it out and continued when you put it back, you cannot pull out the Ninja pot while it’s brewing and it continues to drip. The coffee flavor is the same as any other coffee maker and they regretted buying it.

Yet another reviewer Louis was disappointed with the coffee system. In his Ninja Coffee Bar review Louis though it brewed decent coffee and the option of brewing from half a cup to a full carafe was great, it does not have many features that other brewing systems do. The warming plate of the glass carafe stays hot for just 2 hours, an annoyance for them since they consume coffee several times in the morning. In spite of following instructions for the amount of ground coffee to use, the suggested amount wasn’t right and took several trials to get it right. Also, after brewing a lot of ground coffee remained at the bottom of the carafe, which colored the flavor of the coffee significantly in the last few cups. They wouldn’t recommend the coffee maker to anyone.

Ninja Coffee Bar FEATURES

Replaces different coffee machines – One customer, Victoria, who bought Ninja Coffee Bar reveals that it’s the all-in-one abilities that helps in creating different types of coffee with different strength and thus save money and countertop space.

Technology for better coffee – Victoria who used Ninja Coffee Bar adds that the Thermal Flavor Extraction technology helps in delivering rich coffee. The various options on the dial are precisely calibrated as per the flavor, richness and strength. There is an option of smooth, less concentrate Classic brew, a stronger Rich brew, Over Ice brew to save it from diluting with melting ice and specialty brew which delivers the strongest brew for espresso coffee.

Intelligent system – The Auto-iQ technology of Ninja Coffee Bar helps in selecting between a cup, travel mug, half or full carafe setting on touch of a button. The machine knows how much water to draw from the reservoir automatically as per the selection.

Single coffee solution – Ninja Coffee Bar is a versatile coffee machine that can singlehandedly make many different types of coffee whether by carafe or just enough for single cup or travel mug. The coffeemaker also creates concentrated coffee to make latte or cappuccino style espresso coffees. This way it saves a lot of countertop space since you do not need to buy different coffeemakers for different flavors.

Easy to use settings – The selection between different carafe settings that make a full or half carafe is easy to adjust. As per the selection water is drawn automatically from the reservoir. The dial function enables easy selection of coffee type, too. There are various settings that let users choose as per their preference. There is the option of having a regular strength coffee using the Classic mode or having a cup of stronger, bolder brew using the Rich mode.

Saves on per cup cost – Even though the coffeemaker lets you make as much as a full carafe of coffee and many different flavors, making single-serve coffee isn’t completely automatic and takes a little manual work. Although the process is the same as making a carafe of coffee and water comes from the reservoir automatically, there is a step that needs adding ground coffee to the filter basket using the scoop supplied with Ninja Coffee Bar. The process does consist of some manual work but on a positive note it eliminates the use of K-Cups, discs or capsules and hence save a lot of money in the process.

Espresso-like coffee easily – The possibility of making different types of coffees might be endless but Ninja Coffee Bar is not at all a coffeemaker that can create true espresso but comes close enough to deliver similar taste. So for users who are not interested in getting pure espresso, which would need another espresso machine altogether and are rather happy with the similar taste, Ninja Coffee Bar delivers pretty well. There is also a manual milk frother that is easy to use and works very well.

Intelligent Over Ice Setting – Other than letting you savor a hot cup of coffee, the ‘Over Ice’ setting of Ninja Coffee Bar works wonders. You can select this setting using the dial while using a cup filled with ice cubes. With this option when Ninja Coffee Bar brews the coffee it makes it extra strong so that the melting ice would not dilute the flavour.

Your personal coffeehouse at home

You can now enjoy a cup of coffee without having to step out to a coffee shop and spend a lot of money. Ninja Coffee Bar is a coffee brewer that declares to let you have an entire coffeehouse right in the comforts of your home and enjoy a cup of any flavor and size of coffee easily. The coffee machine Ninja Coffee Bar alleges to let you make endless options of hot, cold, iced, and frozen blended coffees right at home that too with just the push of a button. It promises to have Auto-IQ or one-touch intelligence along with automated controls to choose saturation, richness, calibrated temperature and pre-infusion for the ideal cup of coffee for you. The home coffee brewer also alleges that the coffee it makes will be rich no matter what the quantity and will never be watered down. Ninja Coffee Bar claims that you can make hot, iced and frozen blended coffees easily with the coffee maker.

Makes coffee easily with slide brew basket

Ninja Coffee Bar claims to have an easy-fill brew basket that slides out so that you can easily and quickly fill ground coffee to brew yourself a cup. Its brew basket also proclaims to remove fully so that you can clean it thoroughly. Ninja Coffee Bar asserts that you will always get robust and flavorful cup or carafe of coffee similar to a French press because its reusable and permanent filter preserves the natural coffee oils and small coffee particles. It states that you can enjoy rich and balanced flavor of your favorite coffee and with extra milk and flavorings you can enjoy a Rich Brew and take the Classic Coffee a notch higher. Ninja Coffee Bar asserts to increase the concentration of the coffee in iced coffee so that the melting ice doesn’t water it down. The Specialty Brew needs no Barista when brewed in Ninja Coffee Bar and you can allegedly enjoy layered cold and hot beverages just like made at a coffeehouse.

Control the size and strength of coffee

Ninja Coffee Bar emphasizes that you can control the strength of coffee you want to consume. If you feel like a light cup of coffee, then the Drip Stop feature stops the flow of coffee from the brew basket so that you can pour a cup of coffee mid-brew. Whether you want a single cup of coffee, a travel mug or a carafe to treat your family and friends, Ninja Coffee Bar guarantees to give you the flexibility to make it in the quantity you want. The coffee machine convinces to give you the flexibility to brew and consume the coffee straight out of your mug with its multi-serve cup platform that pulls down easily. Ninja Coffee Bar maintains that it doesn’t occupy too much space on the countertop and has a sleek design that also looks great.

Choose the ideal temperature of coffee

If you’re entertaining family, friends or colleagues for a long evening of coffee and conversations, then you wouldn’t have to brew coffee or even warm it up again and again as Ninja Coffee Bar alleges. The coffee machine maintains to have a double-walled vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours on end so you do not have to spend time or effort making it or warming it several times over. This also assures to let you do your work for hours and enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want without disturbing your work to brew or reheat a cup of coffee. That’s not all, Ninja Coffee Bar also proclaims to have a glass carafe and automatically adjusts the temperature of the warming plate that keeps the coffee at the ideal drinking temperature at all times.

Does all the work for you automatically

Ninja Coffee Bar has a removable water reservoir with auto-metering feature so that you do not have to constantly measure the cup or refill it time and again. And if you’d like to have a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up without even brewing it then the coffee machine guarantees to let you do just that too. It has a programmable delay brew that allows you to preset the brew automatically up to 24 hours in advance. So every morning after you can preset it and enjoy your coffee the following morning. Ninja Coffee Bar asserts that cleaning it as just easy for you to clean the brewer as it is to make a cup or a carafe of coffee. You do not have to guess when you need to clean it because it has a intelligent clean cycle indicator that alerts you when it is time to clean the machine.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Ninja Coffee Bar for $159.80

Official website:

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11 Comments on "Ninja Coffee Bar Review"

  1. I am not even sure where to start!

    I’m so frustrated with this company and their coffee bar coffee machine. I purchased this machine on 1/29/18. It worked for a less than 3 weeks before it began having issues. Customer service was very helpful (at first). They sent me a new base after the troubleshooting indicated that the machine was defective. The “new” core was received and installed and the machine only worked for another 4-6 weeks when we began having issues with it yet again.

    I would not recommend this machine to anyone nor will I ever purchase another Ninja product again. They wanted to charge me $19.95 for shipping (published in the manual which they very quickly point out) to ship me a new core (again) with NO guarantee it will even work. I already paid close to $200 for the machine to begin with and have had it for less than 6 months. The issues that my machine is having are the SAME issues that many others are having as well. Clearly they should recall the coffee bar coffee machine and correct the issue once and for all.

  2. I purchased a ninja coffee bar about six months ago. After about three months it stopped brewing coffee. A replacement unit was sent to me and it lasted about the same amount of time and it stopped working. This is definitely a poorly made coffee system . My son in law also had his unit stop working after a few months. I only make one careff a day and I have never had a coffee maker this poor. Also, they try to make you pay $19.95 for the second replacement which is about what the damn unit is worth. I inquired whether the new system is more reliable because I would be willing to pay for an upgrade if it was but I was told they would not do that!!!!!! Do not buy this unit!!!!

  3. I am very satisfied with my Ninja coffee machine and I think it makes a great cup of coffee!

  4. Horrible !!! Having hell making a full carafe. Shuts off after a half carafe or less on full setting.

  5. Bought mine in Dec 2015 it lasted one month before it stopped brewing. I called Ninja and they overnight mailed me a new one. It lasted one month before it stopped brewing. Now I called Ninja again and they said they would mail me a third one. I wait a week and a half looking for my new one and it never showed up. So today I called them again and was told they were waiting to receive my old one back before mailing the new one to me. AND that then I owed twenty bucks to get the new one mailed out to me!!! I stated that I had lifetime VIP warranty so I get free shipping,,, then was told VIP warranty gets canceled after first return.. So I guess lifetime means one month to Skark/Ninja !!!! I have bought their stuff for years and have loved their products!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM THEM!!

  6. My husband got me a Ninja Coffee Bar less then 2 months ago and it has gone on the (Blink) already… so MAKE SURE YOU SEND IN YOUR PAPER WORK!!! do not be as silly as me and think, sense it cost this much, it would surely be a working machine for a long time———I was wrong..I should have just kept buying Bunn , like I have before… My MISTAKE.. So BEWARE

  7. Oh my goodness! I can NOT get over this machine. My husband got this for me for my birthday and it’s the best gift ever! I am a big coffee fan and the taste of the coffee is just fantastic and the specialty drinks!!! Absolutely wonderful! I tell my husband thank you everyday for buying this for me. It’s easy to use and so worth the money! I have had the nicest keurig machines and the ninja coffee bar don’t even compare to them…. I give it 10 stars out of 3 ! Love love love it!!!!!!!!

  8. Simba Catterton | February 18, 2016 at 9:15 pm | Reply

    I have had the Ninja Coffee Bar for a little over 2 weeks now and am very happy with it. My problem with the Keurig machines is they tend to brew a weak cup of coffee. I have not had that problem with the Ninja. When I got the Ninja, I brewed cups of coffee with it, and my other two coffee makers (quisinart grind and brew, and a Mr. Coffee machine) The coffee from the Ninja tasted the best. I also love the way it makes the specialty drinks. The french vanilla Latte I make tastes as good if not better than what I get from starbucks. Everybody’s tastes are different so what one person likes, another may hate. But I can say that I am very happy with the machine

  9. 4 pots in 6 weeks 1st one worked for a few weeks all have same problem the stay warm feature turns off after brew and not suppose to ninja tells me I’m the only one having this issue after my 4th replacement and still having issue gave up on the revolving door of pots coming to my house .. Very unhappy

  10. I do agree with the cheap plastic build quality stated above however the machine does brew a great tasting coffee for me. I followed the directions to pre-clean before the first pot. I also washed all the plastic parts as you should with any appliance and all is well. So far I am very happy with my purchase. Note that Bed Bath & Beyond accepts coupons on top of sale prices so we got the “high end” version with all the accessories for $143!

  11. Michael Castillo | January 4, 2016 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    It’s a great way to combine a keurig and mr coffee in one. The frother is actually the best feature. Unfortunately, the flavor is awful, weak, or to bitter. It doesn’t do in flavor what a Mr Coffee karafe does. I wish i didn’t buy it

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