Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

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About Ninja Chef High Speed Blender

According to the infomercial, it is a top-class blender that offers a lot of recipes at the touch of a button? It comes with easily selective pre-programmed blending options along with a manual mode for those who are looking to unleash their inner chef.

Powerful blender – Ninja Chef High Speed Blender declares to have a powerful 1500 W base that blends and pulverizes the toughest of food items including stem, roots, skin, and ice cubes. The smart system assures that it can liquefy tough items into smoothies, purees, butter, dressings, dips, salsa, and more with the help if its next-generation blades. The blades allegedly have a powerful cyclonic action that pulls the ingredients downward to ensure maximum blade contact for a precise result every time. There are no Ninja Chef High Speed Blender reviews available yet that will verify its claims.

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Ninja Chef High Speed Blender

Smart programming – Ninja Chef High Speed Blender asserts to have 10 Auto-IQ Programs that are designed by chefs. These programs can be selected via its dial easily to eliminate the guesswork required to make drinks and meals. These options are Ice Cream, Soup, Nut Butter, Flour/Mill, Extract, Dressing, Puree, Frozen Drink, Smoothie, and Dip/Salsa. For those who need more control, this high-speed blender states to have a manual mode with variable speed control that customizes the blender speed to finely tune the ingredients or leave the desired texture as per the recipe intended. Such fascinating claims made by Ninja Chef High Speed Blender will be validated once users send us their reviews.

Feature-rich appliance – Ninja Chef High Speed Blender comes with smart technology that can adapt to the attachment and customize the menu accordingly. Also, it maintains to be perfect for soups since it can blend in hot ingredients so that the soup can be served directly in a bowl.

Advanced design – Ninja Chef High Speed Blender convinces to be sturdy as it is made using the high-quality material. It has a powerful base with an advanced motor system that offers an easily accessible LED interface. For cleaning purposes, users can add a couple of drops of dish-washing liquid and automatically clean the 72 oz. Tritan Pitcher at the tap of a button. No matter the blending requirement, it promises to stay in place with its powerful suction cup feet. We will need to analyze Ninja Chef High Speed Blender reviews to further verify its claims.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender REVIEW

Kelley Thompson states in her review of the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender- “I used my Ninja Chef High Speed Blender today for a green smoothie. I have a Vitamix, but wanted another blender for other outside events. Ninja Chef High Speed Blender seemed to be a good imitation. While it is an imitation, it definitely does not perform even close to a Vitamix. Unlike the Vitamix, it never broke down the strawberry seeds or ground flax seed to a completely and visibly smooth texture. I could see the tiny seeds. It is however, better than any regular blender. No match for Vitamix, but it serves the purpose for which I bought it. There are lower prices out there, though!”

Kimberly Johnson mentions in her Ninja Chef High Speed Blender review- “It does not blend as smooth as it advertises. My cheapo $20 Wal-Mart works just as good”.

Alicia Woods is unhappy with the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender and writes in her review of it- “I didn’t like it. Things came out chunky even if I let it run for over 2 minutes (probably longer never actual timed it) plus not to mention it would leak everywhere even if I stayed under the max line”.

In her review of the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender Nellie Meyer says- “All parts chop well, but no real fine blending. Tried many items, it does not come close to making smooth smoothies”.

Madeline Grant claims in her Ninja Chef High Speed Blender review that it doesn’t pulverize the ingredients like the Vitamix does.

Carol Rodriquez is quite happy with the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender and states in her review- “Love it but have just one problem. The smoothies and shakes still have ice, it doesn’t crush ice as fine as snow as advertised”.

Another user, Arlene Wong, who tried the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender mentions in her review of it- “The biggest downfall are the blades. They quickly become dull, are difficult to sharpen, and no matter what the infomercial tells you, it won’t pulverise fibrous vegetables into a smooth pulp. No matter how long I blend there are always chewable chunks in my smoothies. For most purposes besides silky smooth blending it is okay. The whole package feels like it should’ve cost half of what I paid”.

Lauren Ramirez complains about the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender and mentions in her review- “If you’re thinking of getting this to save money on a Vitamix, don’t. I bought this hoping it could make finely pureed smoothies and sauces, no matter what I try it doesn’t come close to what I’d call a smoothie. It sure is powerful but chunky smoothies and soup is what you get, regardless of the reviews and the manufacturer’s promise. Save your money and put it towards a Vitamix, nothing else comes close, the end”.

Ninja Chef High Speed Blender Questions and Answers

Q. Can you put hot soup/liquids in the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender?
A. Yes but it cannot re heat.

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender have blades for shredding and slicing?
A. No.

Q. How loud is it?
A. It is very loud.

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender lid have an opening through which you can add ingredients while it’s blending?
A. Yes, there is a small opening at one corner of the pitcher.

Q. Would the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender replace a mixer?
A. It can but I still use my mixer. I personally think it is to high powered and can make batters tough.

Q. Does the food processor have a feeder?
A. No, it doesn’t have a feeder.

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender have blades for shredding and slicing?
A. No

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender grind meat?
A. Yes

Q. Can the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender grind coffee beans?
A. Yes. I am sure you can, but from a culinary/barista perspective you wouldn’t get an equal grind without cooking the beans with the blades thus changing the taste (usually for worse).

Q. Can it make peanut butter?
A. Yes, but you need proper ingredients–like oil.

Q. Can the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender blend up the seeds from raspberries?
A. No, it doesn’t blend all of the seeds. I have smoothies all the time with raspberries and I always find a few seeds that don’t completely blend.

Q. Does it puree meat or pasta like spaghetti and meat balls?
A. No, it is not a meat grinder.

Q. Can you make ice-cream with it?
A. I wouldn’t think so. An ice cream churn has to turn at a slower speed for a longer period of time. The Ninja would tend to heat up the contents defeating the purpose. However, with some ice cubes, and chocolate flavored powdered protein mix you can make great, smooth milkshakes in 30 seconds. I usually throw in a banana for extra flavour.

Q. Would it make almond butter?
A. Not by itself, you may need to help.

Q. Will the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender blend up chia seeds in a smoothie?
A. It doesn’t grind them up but leaves them as little crunchy seeds when I make my morning smoothie.

Q. Where it the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender made?
A. China.

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender make hot soup?
A. No, the blender is not for cooking, it is for preparing food to cook. But you can cook the soup ingredients, then when they cool transfer to the blender to make creamy. I make potato and tomato soups weekly!

Q. Does it have a pulse setting?
A. Yes it does.

Q. Is it glass or plastic?
A. Plastic

Q. Can you use a food processor?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the volt?
A. It is 110 volts.

Q. Does this have auto IQ?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender make smoothies from kale?
A. I purchased the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender last week. I have found the blender does not make a good smoothie from kale or other coarse ingredients. It is not difficult to understand why when you see the blender in action. The cutting blades look formidable. The 3 sets of blades sit high medium and low on the rotating shaft. Everything does get cut up. But other blenders which “puree” food have the cutting blade at the bottom. This creates the familiar whirlpool which sucks everything down over and over. It takes a high wattage blender with a cutting blade at the bottom to puree kale. This blender leaves lots of little pieces of everything in the finished smoothie. I don’t have a “texture aversion” like some people. But even so, I am sending mine back.

Q. Will the Ninja Chef High Speed Blender grind coconut?
A. The shell – no but if you want to add coconut from bags or shredded from the shell, it will grind, puree and mix the way you need.

Q. Will this chop onion or turn them to mush?
A. It will turn to mush.

Q. Does this shred cheese?
A. No.

Q. Does it juice leafy vegetables?
A. Yes, but you have to add some type of liquid.

Q. Does the extractor make an actual juice, or more smoothie like?
A. It’s not a juicer, more smoothie-like.

What do I get?
Ninja Chef High Speed Blender just for $199.99.
(1) 1500-Watt Base
(1) Variable Speed Control
(1) Next-Gen High-Speed Blade Design
(1) 24 oz. Slim High-Speed Blender Cup with Spout Lid
(1) Tamper
(1) 72 oz. Pitcher and Lid with Vented Lid Cap

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  1. I have a Ninja Chef and was really pleased with it except for the incredibly loud noise it generates. Then 3 months after purchase the gear of the 72 oz. pitcher shattered. I contacted Shark- Ninja for a warranty replacement and was told that they only guarantee the base motor and not the pitcher. I had to purchase the new replacement for $50. Then they are not quick to get you the new product. I still sit here waiting for the new gear/pitcher 2 weeks afterwards. I would think 3 months after purchase any company would warrant their whole product. This gear shattering was not due to normal wear but obvious a mechanical defect in the item. I am not really please with this type of customer service.

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