Night Sight REVIEW | Polarized HD Night Driving Glasses As Seen On TV

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What is Night Sight?

As per the infomercial it is a polarized night-driving glasses that are designed to reduce glare while driving at night and offer clarity to make it as comfortable as daytime driving.

Drive safely at night – Night Sight promises to provide an amazingly clear view of the road at night so that you can drive safely and comfortably. It assures to have a polarized lens that is built to cut down glare that bog down drivers at night. There are no Night Sight reviews available yet that will agree or disagree with its claims. Additionally, Night Sight states to have an anti-reflective coating that sharpens the view and turns up the contrast for a better visual. Send us your Night Sight reviews if you found it helpful for driving at night.




Night Sight CLAIMS

Unique Design – Night Sight maintains to filter out bright lights and cut the glare even from the sides with its unique full-frame peripheral design. Another advantage it alleges to have is its one-size-fits-all design that can easily go over prescription glasses as well. Whether it’s raining or snowing, these glasses guarantee a clear view. How clear and comfortable is night driving using Night Sight will be revealed once it is reviewed.


Night Sight Review

Josh Ortiz, a customer calls Night Sight terrible in his review and says that these glasses only turn everything into yellow. The quality of the glass is questionable and he mentions that the side lens was broken out. Overall, he rates Night Sight in his review as poorly constructed glasses using the cheap plastic material.

Another customer, Tanya Powell also lashes out at Night Sight’s quality in her review and warns users that it might give blurry vision. She also was disappointed with the quality of these glasses that seems to be made using the cheap plastic material.

A review by Anne Boone exposes Night Sight to be a disappointing pair since it failed to exhibit any type of difference during night driving. She also found that she was unable to wear them for long due to some kind of chemical smell coming from it.

One other customer, Lois Williams failed to adjust with the yellow tint that Night Sight leaves behind. As per her review, the glasses are pretty huge and keep falling off even after wearing them on a prescription glasses.

Omar Black’s review of Night Sight reveals that these glasses are strictly ok but are useless when it is raining.

Lisa Love, Night Sight reviewer reveals that it doesn’t help in cutting the glare at all and fit awkwardly since it comes in only one size. Another issue she mentions is the lens gets scratched too easily due to use of a cheap, plastic material. Overall she didn’t find the glasses worth the money.


Night Sight Questions and Answers

Q. Is Night Sight polarized?
A. It does claim to be polarized but it doesn’t seem so.

Q. Is it helpful in reducing the starburst glare from headlights?
A. There is no particular answer available except that it does block some bright lights during the twilight.

Q. Can Night Sight be used during the day?
A. Yes, but the quality of these glasses is very poor. Also, use during the day turns everything into yellow and bright. It is not recommended to wear Night Sight during a bright, sunny day.

Q. Will Night Sight fit well with any prescription glasses?
A. It might due to its universal size but chances are it won’t work as well as it promises.


What do I get?
2 Night Sight Glasses with Carrying Case and Cleaning Cloth. Price: $19.99 with $9.99 S/h. Official website:

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