My Secret Bidet Review

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What is My Secret Bidet:

It is a water powered sprayer, which converts your regular toilet into a bidet and leaves you feeling shower fresh all through the day, according to its claims.

My Secret Bidet stresses that now a simple addition to your toilet can turn it into a luxury bidet without any hassle. There are many of us who might have thought about getting a bidet involved in our bathrooms. It’s not only about the look and luxury feel they add to your toilets, but the fact that they are actually quite comfortable to use as well. However installing them can be a task and requires professional help. You end up spending huge amounts on these installations, which is why you put off the thought completely. But this smartly designed water sprayer asserts that you won’t have to because the job will be done quickly and without too much hassle. My Secret Bidet reviews are awaited to tell us if that is really the case.



Installs quickly and without too much effort

If you have been thinking about converting your toilet into a bidet then you don’t have to look beyond the option offered to you by this water sprayer. That’s because you can install it yourself in a matter of minutes without any professional help. It maintains that you won’t need special tools, pipe cutting or remolding to get the job done. Unfortunately since there aren’t enough My Secret Bidet reviews we can’t corroborate these claims for you yet. To install this water sprayer you need to connect it to your existing toilet water supply. It can then be secured beneath any standard toilet seat. That’s all it takes to get it installed quickly and without undue effort. My Secret Bidet reviews should be able to tell us whether installing it was really that easy.

It emphasizes on the fact that you can adjust the water pressure with the turn of the dial. Thus you can use it exactly according to your requirements. We hope your My Secret Bidet reviews will give us more information about it.

Cost effective, convenient alternative to bidets

There are many who have installed bidets in their homes because they ensure that you don’t have to struggle with the irritation causing toilet paper. You can also feel shower fresh all through the day. That’s something you will experience with this water sprayer installed as well, according to its claims. It assures you freedom from toilet paper while being a cheaper and smarter alternative to luxury bidets. Do you believe that to be true? We are keen on knowing more about it through your My Secret Bidet reviews.

It also asserts that it is a perfect alternative for practically everyone at home because it offers them complete convenience. Whether its kids, elders or members of the family lacking mobility, this water sprayer transforms a toilet into bidet that spells complete comfort. My Secret Bidet reviews can tell us if it’s convenient to be used by all users.


What do I get?

You get Two My Secret Bidet for $29.99 + $19.98 S&H.Official website

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