My FaceLift REVIEW

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What is My Facelift?

My FaceLift is a Natural Facelift Tool that promises to leave you with a professional face lift look. It claims to give you a natural, nonsurgical facelift breakthrough leaving you with a toned, tightened, more youthful appearance!

How does My Facelift work?

My FaceLift asserts that with two simple exercises for just 2 minutes a day it lifts your neck, chin & cheeks with progressive resistance helping to tone and tighten your skin for a more youthful appearance. This claim does sound attractive but its claim can only be attested once users review My FaceLift.

It alleges that the first exercise targets your sagging neck, flexing your neck muscles against the resistance and the second exercise targets your double chin resulting in toned and tighter muscles. With My FaceLift you face and skin look lifted naturally! Does it sound too good to be true? My FaceLift reviews will soon reveal the facts.

My FaceLift includes three color-coded progressive resistance coils – light, medium & strong.

It maintains to help eliminate the need for fillers & surgeries helping you save your money! This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after My FaceLift is reviewed.

My Facelift REVIEW

Nadine Bates purchased My FaceLift and writes in her My FaceLift Review that the neck toning gadget includes three levels of resistance springs, the first 2 are okay but when she tried the third level, the spring got stuck and did not move at all.

Judy Porter, another user, complains in her My FaceLift Review that after a few days of starting the exercises she had a headache and fatigue that immobilized her for 3 days”.

Tracey Lawrence states in her My FaceLift review that it is cheaply made and warns use not to purchase it.
Shelley Swanson is unhappy with the My FaceLift and her review reads- “It does nothing for flabby jowls or chin. One could facial exercises to get the same results”.

In her review of the My FaceLift Esther Hodges mentions that she bought it thinking it will help reduce her double chin but it didn’t work for her.

Connie Garrett complains in her My FaceLift Review that it is cheaply made and didn’t work for her.

Ruby Parsons tried My FaceLift states in her review- “Don’t waste your money, it doesn’t work and is made out of cheap material that will not even last for a week”.
Sonya Paul claims in her My FaceLift review- “This is a flimsy plastic device that does absolutely nothing”.

Lillian Arnold, bought My FaceLift and mentions in her My FaceLift review- “The spring with the most tension was too easy for me from the start. Unless you have no muscle tone in your neck at all, this will not work for you. If there were additional, stronger tension springs available separately, it might be worth it”.

Samantha Mckenzie is not satisfied with it and her My FaceLift review reads- “I have used it for 6 weeks twice daily as instructed. I took a picture every two weeks and compared them side by side. There is no significant difference”.

My Facelift

What do I get?
1 My Facelift unit with Light, Medium and Strong Resistance Coils. Official website:

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