My Crash MD Review

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About My Crash MD

My Crash MD proclaims to be an interactive doctor visit that allows you to consult a physician virtually if you have been in a car crash. With this arrangement, My Crash MD promises to let you abide by the regulation to consult a doctor within 14 days of the accident so that you wouldn’t lose your medical insurance benefits. My Crash MD convinces to have a doctor ready for consultation 24/7 without the need to wait in the ER or drive around to look for a hospital.


How does it work

To consult a health care provider virtually right away after a car crash, you need to download the My Crash MD app from any platform and you can get an appointment with a doctor on practically any mobile device whether a laptop, mobile phone or a tablet. Tell the doctor on My Crash MD about what happened during the accident, your medical history and where and how much you are hurt for the doctor to advise accordingly.

Get the care you deserve after a motor vehicle accident

According to the law, if you have been in a motor vehicle crash and don’t call a doctor in the first 14 days, it would result in you paying your own medical bills and forfeiting your medical insurance benefits. But My Crash MD assures to let you consult a physician virtually with this interactive doctor visit system. My Crash MD declares that you wouldn’t lose your insurance benefits because you failed to consult a doctor within the stipulated time. Even though attorneys claim that you need to contact them first, with changing times that could mean harming your case in claiming medical insurance benefits. And My Crash MD emphasizes to line up the doctor’s consultation first to prevent that from happening.


Consult a doctor 24/7 without waiting in the ER

My Crash MD maintains that whether you are at fault or not it will come to your rescue. My Crash MD promises to be an actual visit to a doctor but minus hassles like waiting in the ER or driving around time getting to a hospital. My Crash MD claims that if you inform the representative what exactly happened in the accident, they will serve you better. My Crash MD also states that they will be prepared to advise you and help you perfectly if they are kept in the loop about your medical history. You can allegedly even inform the doctors at My Crash MD about how much pain you are in and what body part hurts. No matter what the time of the accident, My Crash MD guarantees that a doctor would be available 24/7 for consultation.


What do I get?

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2 Comments on "My Crash MD Review"

  1. Complete joke and prey on the poor. Complete scum.

  2. What a total load of BS. It’s just a money grab by a very small group of unscrupulous leeches in the Tampa Bay area. Notice that 15 of their 20 “providers” are CHIROPRACTORS.. That should tell you enough right there. It’s a racket, almost as bad as the ambulance chaser ads.

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