Munch Maze REVIEW

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About Munch Maze

Munch Maze proclaims to be a dog bowl that encourages slow eating to prevent belly bloat, bad breath, gas, and obesity in dogs along with teeth cleaning. The large raised area of Munch Maze forms like a maze and traps food because of which the dog takes smaller bites.

How does Munch Maze work?

Slow feeding dog bowl – Dogs tend to gobble up the food up in a jiffy thus swallowing excessive air and suffering from gas, bloating, bad breath and obesity. But the dog bowl Munch Maze promises to prevent this by allowing for slow feeding. Munch Maze asserts that its raised maze-like design traps food so that the dog will take smaller bites. There are no user reviews to prove this yet.

Cleans the dog’s mouth – Munch Maze convinces that its hundreds of rounded nodules remove food particles from the teeth and clean the tongue preventing bad breath. We have not user reviews of Munch Maze to corroborate this yet. Munch Maze assures to be made of food-safe material to be safe for the pet. It maintains to fit snugly in a corner and is dishwasher safe adding to convenience of use. Send us your Munch Maze reviews if these claims are true.

What do I get?
Buy Munch Maze for $27.47 | Official website:

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