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About Minimax Charger

Minimax Charger states to be an innovative and powerful micro portable battery pack that can instantly jumpstart a car or any other vehicle. Minimax Charger claims to be multipurpose and charge all your devices right from cellphones, tablets, laptops or digital cameras. Minimax Charger proclaims to be so powerful that a single charge can jumpstart 7 vehicles and yet have juice left in it. Minimax Charger assures to come with jumper cables and LED flashlight to rescue during emergency situations.

Minimax Charger REVIEW

We Recommend

MiniMax Charger is not a unique product out there in the market, there are several better, branded, less expensive and tested car jump starters available in the market. Just go to and search for “car jump starter”, there are several dozens of them available with ratings and reviews. We would NOT recommend the MiniMax Charger due to the reason mentioned earlier.

Reasons Why Not to Buy MiniMax Charger

REASON 1: One reason why we DO NOT recommend the Minimax charger is because it is expensive priced at $129, other car jump starters with better Battery Capacity of 16500mAh (twice the Minimax Charger) are priced between $80 and $100 at

REASON 2: MiniMax Charger is under powered at 400A Peak at 8000mAh battery capacity.

REASON 3: There are not many Minimax Charger reviews, maybe the product is back-ordered. Whatever few reviews that are there are not favorable. Richard who used the Minimax Charger, complains in his review that the Minimax charger lasts for only 15 to 20 charges and then dies, he does not recommend this Minimax car jump starter. The other higher capacity car jump starters (priced at around $80) jump start 30 times before recharging.

REASON 4: Minimax Charger comes from the As Seen On TV brand Thane, which is not very well know for quality products, especially for gadgets like Minimax Charger.

REASON 5: Minimax Charger is available only at the official website It is not available with leading online retailers like, Walmart, Target, etc.

REASON 6: The Minimax Charger material is flimsy.

REASON 7: Mini Max charger cannot charge laptops.

How does MiniMax Charger work?

The advanced technology of lithium cobalt battery alleges to enable the Minimax Charger to jumpstart dead car battery. It alleges that you just need to plug it in with the help of jumper cable to charge your car battery instantly. Minimax Charger asserts to have two charging methods – wall charger for indoor use and 12V charger to let you charge the pack on the go.

Never run out of battery juice

You will never be stranded with a dead car battery with Minimax Charger, which maintains to be a portable battery pack so powerful that it can jumpstart a vehicle. Minimax Charger claims to be compact enough to fit into a backpack, purse, or glove box so you can have it handy at any time. Minimax Charger declares that it has a start current of 200mA and peak current of 400mAh that’s more effective and quicker than traditional trickle charge methods. It also convinces to have a 7500mAh battery with a 2.1 Amp USB that can charge any device from a smart phone, tablet, laptop and digital camera rapidly.

Rescuer during emergency situations

Minimax Charger assures to double up as a powerful LED flashlight with standard mode, strobe mode and SOS mode to help you out in emergency situations. Minimax Charger convinces that it is so effective that a single charge will last for as long as a year and it is reusable several times. Minimax Charger promises to work in most extreme temperatures. Even if you have jumper cables to bail you out of situations like drained battery, they are not safe. But Minimax Charger promises to be safe to use for drivers of all ages even young adults who can instantly jumpstart their cars without having to ask strangers for help or hitch a ride. Minimax Charger emphasizes to be so powerful that it can even start an eight cylinder truck and works on cars, boats, motorbikes, and snow mobiles.

What Do I Get?

  • MiniMax Charger
  • Car Battery Cables
  • Carry Case
  • Car Charging Adapter
  • AC Home Charger
  • 3-way Mobile Phone Adapter Cable (Apple (iPhone 4/iPad 2, Mini USB, Micro USB)

You will get Minimax Charger for $129.00. Official website: |

21 Comments on "Minimax Charger Review | Nothing Special!!"

  1. Mine works perfect thanks all yours are just pieces of usa an england BS. Buy them from New Zealand they are the shit, its started our car up everytime including my mums car. Probably just a bunch of homos who dont know how to read instructions that you’ve just fucked it yourselves. Go back to jumper leads homos an stick them so far up your ass cracks.

  2. marian nyitrai | March 7, 2018 at 6:32 am | Reply

    I had a mini max charger. It was -40 degrees Celsius and i tried it> It failed miserably. It went into flames as I tried to start my car. I dought very much that I’ll ever get another one.

    When I dropped it, the casing came apart.

  3. I bought one of these from a local retailer. It worked a few times then failed miserably. I contacted the company and forwarded my online receipt. I was told that they DO NOT authorize their product to be sold in the US so there was nothing they could do. Luckily the retailer will take care of the issue. I would NEVER purchase anything from the company that makes this. Stay away !

  4. Scam junk don’t buy it’ I have had one it’s useless’ I paid for the warranty but no one is answering me no active phone number. They’re not there when it comes to your refund .

  5. Frank Calabrese | June 14, 2017 at 12:02 am | Reply

    Cant get ther phone number. Had it thay said thay call me back bull shit bought at Kmart and they went out of business then this thing won’t charge the second one I thought I might overcharged it and it was my fault but not with two

  6. I used it to charge my e-cig & cell phone, which both are small,the mini max went empty very quickly and then takes 4 hours to charge, my advice is don’t buy this shit.unless you like to get sodomized out of $80.00.

  7. Total junk!!! Don’t waste your money.

  8. Burned out my
    Ignition coil
    Now. I have expensive

  9. They say that the batteries are dead in the commercial that I saw and you can tell by how fast the starter makes the noise that they are not trying to start that vehicle and they just used sound effects and then started the cars. Now with that big bronco there is a reason why they did it with out the battery is because 90% of the viewers know what the big v8 looks and sounds like when trying to start over and they can’t fake it with just sound effects. Plus they had the battery ran from the back of the truck. This is all fake and the little cables that they use to start the vehicles would heat up and get close to catch fire. DON’T BUY THIS JUNK

  10. Carmelo Anthony | July 9, 2016 at 10:53 am | Reply

    It,s pure garbage, I purchased it and when I tried to use it for the very first time on a 98 Kia Sephia by installing both cables to the positive and negativos terminal, the damn thing just heated up the would’nt jump start my car now I can’t even get my money back. Have written to the Canadian office and no reply going on two months, so please don’t get suckers like I did pure #!*,”#!^*garbage!!!

  11. Hi there, am not an engineer, just a TV repairman and hobbyist mechanic ( got courses for both). Thick wires connected to car battery are able to handle over 100 amps (to crank the engine), also, battery is big in order to deliver 400 or more amps. I am just wondering if it is really possible for such a little item to boost a dead battery. Has anybody actually tested it successfully? Thanks!!!

    • Jose,
      Walmart sells them for around $80. If you are interested, you can buy one & return it in person if you aren’t happy with it.

      I just watched the infomercial twice & saw nothing on there that said anything about it saying that it would charge a laptop.

      You can buy a car charger from Amazon for around $50 on up & you can also buy the portable cell phone/ USB charger battery pack cheaper too.

      I don’t like Amazon myself & the guy who owns the company is also a Liberal, so I find other sources. And I ordered some things in glass & my box came tore up & smashed from their conveyor. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I took the free shipping option. It was the first & last time I ordered from them. Apparently, if you don’t pay, they don’t care.

      Too, I know if you buy something @ Sam’s or Walmart, you can get the extended service agreement really cheap! I got one for something I bought my son years ago & something failed on it, so they gave him a higher priced item as a replacement since they no longer had what I bought.

      • What kind of a CRETIN are you, you don’t like Amazon and the guy who owns it is a LIBERAL.
        I just placed a huge order with Amazon JUST BECAUSE OF THIS PSYCHOS REMARK

        • Wow, we’ll you sure showed him! We all know that there’s no better way to get back at someone than to binge shop on a bunch of stuff that you probably don’t need, all from your own wallet. Bet you really got him down in the dumps.

      • Brandy Costanzo | March 14, 2017 at 9:41 am | Reply

        My son and I have been ordering from Amazon for many years now and have had no problems. The owner being a Liberal, we never knew but it’s a company and not a person so we don’t really care. That’d be like telling people NOT to come to America because they hate Trump. pfft

  12. The only review at this time on Amazon was from a person who got one for free to post a review. She was so dumb she said her car wouldn’t start so she called AAA and had them use it on her car for her then gave it rave reviews, lol! Another website had 9 reviews and all totaled to 2 stars. One said he ordered and it never came, another said he’s being billed monthly for it over and over and others said it didn’t work. One said it over heated while trying to jump a 4 cylinder car and it wouldn’t even jump start a golf cart. I would not buy this thing. I was curious about this thing so I’ve been looking up reviews.

  13. And another scam indeed

  14. Junk and scam

  15. read privacy policy FIRST!!!they sell all your personal information,Product is not worth the phone calls after my information was sold to other telemarketing companies,scam scam scam

  16. I just received the ad for this in my email from Thane Canada. I will not order anything from them again. The product I ordered worked fine but as a Canadian, I was surprised to see shipping and our taxes on the item being charged in U.S. dollars. That is certainly not appropriate given they are shipping from Canada and using Canada Post or a Canadian carrier who will charge them in Canadian dollars. The worst is the rip off in charging Canadian tax in U.S. currency. Looks like a money grab to me.

    • I agree 100% with Cheryl on the fact that they use a CANADIAN WEB ADDRESS and ship from Canada and they have the audacity to charge you for the product, the shipping and for the HST all in USD!!! This is a total rip off!!! I have seen this same tactic used before on other products shipped from Canada. Basically you are shelling out an extra 40% for the exchange rate!!!!!!

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