MePower GLOW Pillowcase REVIEW

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What is GLOW Pillowcase? – It is a special beauty boosting pillowcase infused with patented copper technology that reduces wrinkles and sleep creases while you sleep keeping your head on it. The beauty boosting textile of GLOW Pillowcase also makes your skin and hair smoother and healthier.


GLOW Pillowcase CLAIMS

A Pillowcase that Enhances your Beauty – GLOW Pillowcase could be the most convenient, effective and cost-effective solution to problems like wrinkles, sleep creases and even dullness of skin and hair. GLOW Pillowcase is a beauty-beauty boosting pillow case which, its makers claim, actually makes your skin look younger. The secret behind the effectiveness of GLOW Pillowcase is the revolutionary patented copper technology incorporated in its textile, which is known to rejuvenate your skin and hair.

The Effectiveness of Copper Technology – GLOW Pillowcase is composed of 249 threads that come carefully infused with copper, an essential mineral clinically proven to effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Its material boosts the growth of natural protein while its copper infused fibers interact directly with the skin to enrich it beautifully. Further, the makers GLOW Pillowcase state that it is 100% safe and non-irritating, so you can use it every night and look forward to a younger-looking you.

Easy to Maintain and Durable – The GLOW Pillowcase fabric poses no hassles when it comes to washing and maintaining it as it is machine-washable. You just need to avoid using fabric softener while washing your GLOW Pillowcase. Also, the anti-aging technology of GLOW Pillowcase stays intact even after more than 100 washes.

Versatile Pillowcase that Guarantees Quick Results – GLOW Pillowcase supposedly shows incredible results quickly and surely. In two weeks, a noticeable glow on your skin can be seen and in four weeks, fine lines will be gone. What’s more, GLOW Pillowcase will also make your hair look shinier in just one night. GLOW Pillowcase measures a standard 20” x 36” size, which makes it compatible with most pillows.

Save Big on Costly Beauty Salon Visits – Using GLOW Pillowcase could well reduce your trips for expensive beauty treatments as it treats wrinkles, sleep creases and addresses bedhead issues simply by resting your head on it nightly.


What do I get?
Buy the MePower GLOW Pillowcase for $55.00 at the official website:

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