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What is Measure King

As per the TV infomercial it measures distances in three different ways and provides an accurate digital readout on its bright LED display. Measure King guarantees to be a much faster and efficient system over regular tape measure. Measure King states to have a bright LED Digital Display that can read measurement between distances.


Measure King REVIEW

Woodrow Nash writes in his Measure King review that its screen cracked after dropping it once. It is poorly built and a complete waste of money since it stopped working in the first go.

One Measure King user named Roy Knight writes in his review that it is a great idea but doesn’t work well practically. As per the review, the touchpad of Measure King is poorly built and is cheaply made. The plastic case is flimsy and can break in one single fall.

Another Measure King customer Dana Adkins reviewed that it is as a mediocre product. Its accuracy is not as good as a regular tape, measure, and pencil. Her Measure King review says that the traditional tools provide better measurements.

Ed Harmon who tried Measure King reveals in his review that it might be a good tape for layout lines. The review also suggests that Measure King is decent for homeowners but lacks heavy-duty construction for use by professionals.

Another user Al Walters is a tradesman and writes in his review that it is not for professionals. Its body is cheaply built and is too bulky to use. His review suggests that professionals should go for Stanley or Bosch instead of Measure King.

A user named Bert Young shows positive sign in his review. According to him Measure King is a good purchase for home owners for light duty work around the home. Although he warns that for distances, ensuring that Measure King is horizontal or vertical will be a chore.


Measure King Questions and Answers

What is the degree of accuracy associated with Measure King?
Measure King can be used for measuring and working around a house. But it is not to be used for cutting measurements. Also its accuracy is close enough to professional tools and will not be challenged in a listing.


Measure King CLAIMS

Unique measuring system – The unit of measurement can be switched easily for reading accurate measures that are precise to 1/100th of an inch. At this point of time there are no Measure King reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Various modes – Measure King asserts to have three modes – Roll mode, Tape mode, and a Laser mode. The tape mode is a high-quality, flexible nylon tape to measure objects. Its roll mode can be used to measure curves and uneven surfaces. The laser mode provides precision measurement between objects. How well does Measure King work will be known once it has been reviewed.

Heavy-duty design – Measure King promises to be made from durable construction grade material for rugged and tough use by professionals. Measure King assures that it function for up to 8 hours of continuous use. Did you find Measure King worth the money? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?
2 Measure King Units for $29.95 + $14.95 S/h. Official website:

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  1. What kind of battery does it use and how expensive are the batteries?

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