me Power GLOW Eye Mask REVIEW

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What is GLOW Eye Mask? – It is an eye mask made with copper infused polyester fabric that diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. GLOW Eye Mask also adds a glow on your skin and nourishes hair when worn regularly at night.

Me Power GLOW Eye Mask CLAIMS

Beauty Boosting Eye Mask Fortified with Copper – The makers of GLOW Eye Mask introduce it as a revolutionary solution that will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines around eyes and also enhance the well-being of your skin and hair. GLOW Eye Mask is basically a specially crafted eye mask which, according to its makers, possesses beauty boosting abilities as it comes infused with copper in its polyester fabric. It is clinically proven that copper works as a powerful beauty treatment ingredient and reduces fine lines and wrinkles in a short period of time, which it does effectively as a part of GLOW Eye Mask.

Claims to Boost Skin’s Renewal Process – Besides smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, the GLOW Eye Mask plays a vital part in the skin’s renewal process. GLOW Eye Mask promotes the growth of natural protein while the copper infused fibers interact directly with the skin that enhance its well-being and appearance.

Safe and Effective – GLOW Eye Mask poses no harm and is wholly safe to use. Each of the 249 threads of the GLOW Eye Mask is satiny soft and carefully embedded with copper so there’s no chance of irritation when worn.

Quick and Easy to Use – All you have to do is wear the soft and comfy GLOW Eye Mask every night and use its special beauty boosting pillow case (easily available) with your regular pillow. The makers of GLOW Eye Mask claim that you’ll find your hair looking smoother and shinier the very next morning. In two weeks, you’ll notice radiant, younger-looking skin and within four weeks, fine lines and wrinkles will be eliminated if you use GLOW Eye Mask regularly.

Long-Lasting – The anti-aging technology used in GLOW Eye Mask has proven to be durable as it can withstand over 100 washes. You can thus count on GLOW Eye Mask to keep you looking beautiful for a really long time.


me Power GLOW Eye Mask Review

A user of me Power GLOW Eye Mask KRISTINA Emerson mentions in her review“I found GLOW Eye Mask’s head strap uncomfortable no matter how much I adjusted it. GLOW Eye Mask feels strange at the area where the eyes rest because of the extra flap of fabric.“

Amelia Compton mentions in her review“GLOW Eye Mask fits too close to their eyes and there was little airflow or eyelid movement. I tossed it in the washer after a month when the mask dirtied with eye goop. Ever since there was no breathability and their eyes were irritated every morning.”

Another reviewer ALISON Conrad mentions – “I bought two of the me Power GLOW Eye Masks to have a spare clean one. Both the masks were completely different in size. The large one is too loose and light creeps in. The me Power GLOW Eye Mask portion of the second one is smaller and its elastic is too tight. They are inconsistent in size, comfort and function.”

Jasmine Mayer states in her review“The me Power GLOW Eye Mask was soft but too small for my head. I had to take the elastic off and attach a bigger piece. That apart, the mask is comfortable and blocks the morning light out.”

One customer Gwen Travis finds me Power GLOW Eye Mask okay, in her review she reveals – “me Power GLOW Eye Mask doesn’t contour to the face completely and the sunlight creeps in from the bottom. Though, it’s great for keeping out the light of the TV or lamp at night. me Power GLOW Eye Mask’s is adjustable and makes it ideal and it’s soft and smooth texture makes it extremely comfortable.”

A reviewer Kerry Galloway shares her GLOW Eye Mask experience“mePower GLOW Eye Mask is comfortable, light, keeps light out, and doesn’t mess with hair, and so on. However, a couple of months of usage later, its band stretched out and wouldn’t keep the mask on their face. The black dye of the mask also started running on to the pillow and stained two pillowcases.”

OLIVE Dickson states in her The mePower GLOW Eye Mask review“The mask did not block out light for one user while the other complains that it shifts when you turn over. The hard edges also hurt their face and ears. The Velcro universal fit mask did not fit a user’s head. The inner silk lining started to fall apart and ripped at the seams to completely fall apart after a month.”

According to a CASEY Holman – “mePower GLOW Eye Mask’s strap is extremely uncomfortable on the back of the head. The mask is too tight and it doesn’t conform to the head to block light.”

One user MANDY Mays states in her mePower GLOW Eye Mask review“You can open your eyes with the mePower GLOW Eye Mask on so the REM cycles won’t disturb when your eyes flutter. However, in spite of the nose flap, light leaks in from the bottom. The mask doesn’t work for someone who needs complete darkness. The flashing light from TV is not blocked out, which is what I bought the mask for. I can feel it on their face and the edges feel scratchy.”

LEIGH Dillon mentions in her mePower GLOW Eye Mask review – “The me Power GLOW Eye Mask is molded and fits well while lying on your back but when you turn sideways it shifts slightly causing gaps that let the light in. The straps don’t tighten it enough to stay in place through the night. The Velcro uses just half the strap. Undoing the Velcro is too loud and adjusting the mask may wake the partner up. Since the Velcro only covers half the length, part of the strap cannot be secured down, which is annoying.”

ANGELINA Good complains“me Power GLOW Eye Mask is not the most comfortable eye mask and annoyingly rubs against the nose.”


“me Power GLOW Eye Mask” Questions and Answers

Q. Can one open their eyes under the mask?
A. Yes, but then you won’t see anything 

Q. Is the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” comfortable in summer or is it hot and makes you sweat?
A. It’s great for using during summer without a problem.

Q. Will the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” work for a stomach sleeper like me?
A. Yes, it will. Even if it won’t be uncomfortable, the shape may crush. The mask is quite flexible though it has a shape and rounded for eye movement. I never have issues sleeping on my tummy with the mask on.

Q. Will the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” touch my eyelashes?
A. No, it won’t.

Q. Is the mask meant only for high bridge noses? I don’t have a very small or as high a nose. I’m not sure if the nose area will fit.
A. I’ve been using this for a week and find it very comfortable. The portion of the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” that goes over the bridge of the nose is very flexible and the fit won’t be a problem. If there’s a gap between the mask and that part of your nose it may not keep the light out completely.

Q. Is the mask machine washable? How can one clean it?
A. I washed mine in a machine without any problem and air dried it.

Q. What are the dimensions of the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” from top to bottom? I’ve issues with my cheeks hitting the bottom of sunglasses and one mask has been oversized for me.
A. It’s approximately 3.5” to 4”. The mask covers my prominent cheekbones and goes over my eyebrows. It is very form-fitting and will work for you.

Q. Is the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” comfortable?
A. Yes, they don’t feel extremely tight to wear. However, light will come in through the bridge of the nose area. Maybe it’s just the shape of my nose. Even though my nose is very flat, I can still see light when I wear the mask and my eyes are shut.

Q. Will the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” lose its shape after a while and after washing?
A. My “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” has been staying in place firmly ever since I’ve been using it daily for two weeks. The adjustable strap makes it better. I wash it by hands and haven’t put it in the washer. I’d like to know how it holds up in the washer.

Q. Is the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” durable? The inner liner of my Bucky masks separated from the rest of the mask.
A. I have been using it for eight months and neither the inner nor the outer lining has separated. But the foam over the nose ripped. I still think it’s the best mask for a side sleeper and will buy another piece.

Q. Can one use this with eyelash extensions?
A. That’s best avoided. At times I can feel my lashes touching when I turn over.

Q. Is the strap too tight or comfortable? I want it for migraines and anything tight around my head worsens my migraines. Does it black out light?
A. You can adjust the straps. I suffer from migraines too and the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” is great for keeping light out.

Q. Does it keep light out for a nose with very low bridge like Asians or Africans?
A. It keeps light out effectively overall. Even if just a very little light creeps in from below, you can pull the “me Power GLOW Eye Mask” down to place it right. Even if not perfect, this is the best mask I have found so far.


What do I get?
Get 1 me Power GLOW Eye Mask for $25.00 at the official website:

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