Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

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Compare What is it? Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

MaxiClimber is a full body exercise equipment that is high-intensity, height-adjustable and efficient at fat burning. The machine uses just the user’s body-weight and does not add extra pressure on the lower joints of the body. The machine allegedly utilizes 45% more calories till about 24 hours after workout.

Fast Track Climber
This machine is a knockoff of MaxiClimber and exercises the body similar to rock climbing motions. It provides cardio workout, core conditioning, and high-intensity training. The machine has adjustable height and ergonomic design. These two features combine with the gliding vertical track with powerful strides and full extensions to adjust to any type of body. The machine works the user’s arms, back, core, calves, quads, and glutes. By targeting the entire body workout it sculpts and strengthens the body and makes it lean. Fast Track Climber provides complete cardio burning workout and core strengthening at higher intensity.


Compare How does it work? Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

You need to climb on the food pedal of the vertical machine and hold the isometric nonstick grips. The MaxiClimber machine utilizes the user’s body-weight so start the workout by applying rock climbing motions.

Fast Track Climber
A user stands in the upright position to start by using the pedals to rest feet and holding the isometric grip handles and then replicate steps of rock climbing. The vertical climbing track of the Fast Track Climber works out maximum muscles with each rep.


Compare Features and Benefits: Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

The machine is a full body workout high-intensity, height-adjustable and fat-burning machine. It uses only the user’s body-weight. The machine enhances strength, cardio, and endurance. MaxiClimber tone arms, biceps and triceps, strengthens the core and abs, and makes legs leaner and stronger so that you can flaunt a healthier and toned body. The vertical climber works just like actual Rock Climbing and sculpts all fat saturating muscles and areas. The machine has an attached digital display meter for count. MaxiClimber has Sports Bio-Technology that optimizes your workout and output in the shortest span of time. It is known to have outperformed traditional treadmill and cardio machines.

Fast Track Climber
The machine replicates the movements of actual rock climbing activities. The Fast Track Climber maximizes muscle workout activity. Every extension of the machine provides 200% workout to the body. Fast Track Climber is ideal for people of all fitness levels.


Compare Exercises/Workouts: Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

The machine works the lower body, the upper body and the core muscles simultaneously.

Fast Track Climber
The vertical climber provides full cardio burning workout, core strengthening and high-intensity training just like actual rock climbing motions.


Compare Body Parts Targeted: Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

The exercise equipment enhances strength, cardio, and endurance and sculpts arms, biceps and triceps, while strengthening the core or the abs. MaxiClimber also makes legs stronger and leaner, which translates into a healthier and more beautiful body. All the fat saturating muscles and areas are toned efficiently by the machine.

Fast Track Climber
The machine provides full cardio workout and core conditioning at higher intensity to work your arms, back, calves, quads, glutes, and core. Fast Track Climber targets the entire body to make it strong and lean.


Compare Calories Burned: Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

The machine burns 509 calories an hour as opposed to just 250 calories burnt by walking for an hour at 3 mph on a traditional treadmill.

Fast Track Climber
It burns 800 calories per hour.


Compare Construction: Maxi Climber vs Fast Track Climber

The machine is delivered almost pre-assembled and there are no additional parts or assembly required. The vertical climber fitness machine is constructed with cold rolled steel, which is assured to be lightweight yet durable. MaxiClimber can be stored in corners and closets without occupying much space.

Fast Track Climber
It has a professional-grade machine quality and durability. Fast Tack Climber has simple assembly that takes just minutes. The metal framework assembly comprises handle grip, pedal, foundation and balancing upright structure. Storage of the foldable machine is easy.


Compare Price and What do I get?

Maxi Climber
$199.80 (plus $29.95 S&H)

There’s a 30-day trial for $19.95 (plus $29.95 S&H). After this, the user can keep the MaxiClimber for 4 monthly installments of $49.95 (for a total of $249.70). There will be no charges thereafter. If unsatisfied, it can be returned for a full refund including shipping and handling.
Fast Track Climber
159.96 (Free Shipping)
50 days free trial at $14.95 only
(Shipping Free)
The order includes:


Fast Track Climber
Inbuilt Rep counter (Digital Display Meter)
Fitness Plan
Meal Plan

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