Master Saw & REVIEWED

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What is Master Saw

As per the TV infomercial it is a multi-purpose saw that cuts through virtually any material. It is compact and has a versatile design that can be used for 360 degree cutting.




Master Saw CLAIMS

Cut everything easily – Master Saw guarantees that its razor sharp steel blade hardened with carbon can virtually cut through anything easily such as wood, steel, rope, plastic, ceramic, PVC, bamboo, rubber, stone, tiles, and even glass. No Master Saw reviews are available to substantiate with its claims. Master Saw promises to cut through objects in custom shapes and has a tungsten carbide roller tip that assists in creating fancy cuts for glass or tile. The benefits of Master Saw will be proved once users review it.

Compact, versatile saw – Master Saw declares to have a quick changing, three-way, interchangeable blade assembly. It can be adjusted in mere seconds to achieve a 360 degree cutting freedom. Master Saw assures that its blades are so sharp that it can cut through wood and nails at the same time and is flexible enough to wrap around the finger. Master Saw alleges to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. Does Master Saw really work as promised? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.



Master Saw REVIEW

A Master Saw customer Todd Hernandez complains that in his review that the saw doesn’t work at all. As per his Master Saw review he tried to use the flat blade for sawing a 1 inch thick board and did not find satisfactory results. He says that the saw doesn’t do anything what it claims to.

Another customer named Jimmy Ross found Master Saw to be smaller than expected. His review says that the saw is not that great and similar variants are available online for much lesser price.

A Master Saw user says in his review that the saw is poorly designed. He outright calls Master Saw as an absolute waste of money. He further adds in his review that there are no instructions provided to use it either.

Willie Gray also has disappointing reviews for Master Saw where he states that the saw is very small in size and made with cheap material. According to his review, Master Saw blades are flimsy and snapped right away on the first use. Also it doesn’t work on tiles like it promises to.

A Master Saw review by Donald Scott reveals that the saw fails to perform any type of sawing. He further adds that the saw’s metal cutting attachment is completely useless.

Gerald Brown asserts in his Master Saw review that the blades keep popping and don’t stay in place. It gives a feel that the material used to make it is cheap and flimsy.

Arthur Cox has a similar review of Master Saw where he reveals that the blade broke and collapsed while cutting through a PVC pipe due to poor quality.

A Master Saw user, Harold Taylor was impressed initially with Master Saw’s design. In his review he says that soon the blades started to break while using them for a minor project. As per his Master Saw review the larger blades do a decent job for cutting smaller items easily. In his review, he cautions users with large hands against using Master Saw as it can be too small and uncomfortable to handle.

Master Saw reviews by Dennis Richardson doesn’t have any positive takeaways either. He says that the blades don’t securely sit due to poor locking system. There is no way to find out which blade is for what purpose due to lack of instructions. His Master Saw review adds that the blades are not made using good quality material and will not perform well for most of the sawing jobs.


Master Saw Questions and Answers

Q. Will Master Saw work as a bone saw?
A. Master Saw is powerful but due to its compact size chances are that it might be good for cutting small bones. The bone saws used for elk and deer bones are larger and heavy-duty in nature. It is tested to cut small pieces of wood easily.

Q. Does Master Saw require the use of water while cutting tiles?
A. Yes, it is important to use continuous drops of water while cutting tiles and glass since it protects the blade from sanding off. Adding water to the process of cutting soft materials such as plastic and PVC can cool off the heat generated while sawing and protect Master Saw.

Q. Is it sturdy and sharp enough to cut through a wine bottle?
No, in fact the reviews are exactly the opposite of what Master Saw claims.

A. What are the different blades available with Master Saw? What purpose do they help?
Master Saw comes with a large blade that is perfect for sawing wood and PVC material. The round blade is perfect for ceramic, tile, and stone. The other 5 blades including the one attached have sharp teeth that can cut through smaller materials of wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, rope, soft metals, and even stainless steel. Master Saw also comes with a square blade for sharpening purposes.

Q. Can Master Saw be used for professional jobs by plumbers?
A. No.

Q. Is Master Saw legit or a Chinese knockoff that doesn’t work?
A. This made in China saw is decent for smaller jobs but cannot pull heavy-duty jobs as claimed.


Master Saw Price

  • 1 Master Saw
  • 1 Large Saw Blade
  • 5 Extra Blades

Price: $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping and handling at the Official website

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