Magnet Driver

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About Magnet Driver

Magnet Driver asserts to be a universal screw driving system that works with any screw, screwdriver, and power drivers.



How does it work

Attach Magnet Driver to the screwdriver or power driver bit, insert it into color-coded power bit, place and adjust the screw. Press the tip till it meets Magnet Driver. The rubber sleeve contracts on touching the surface and pushes the screw.


The most efficient screw driving system
Magnet Driver promises to be the most efficient screw driving system that anyone can use and eliminates problems such as lack of grip, damaging screws and scratching surfaces. There are no user reviews to confirm if this is true. Magnet Driver proclaims to adapt to all kinds of screws, screwdrivers, and power drivers and adapts to any surface and hard to reach spots.


For any screw and surface
The powerful magnetic ring of Magnet Driver inside the flexible rubber sleeve binds the screw and tip together to increase the holding power. Magnet Driver convinces to multiply strength and precision by allowing you to stand over your work. There are no Magnet Driver reviews to verify the claims. Magnet driver alleges to screw and unscrew deeply embedded screws. Send us reviews if you found Magnet Driver efficient.


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