Magic Sketch Review

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What is Magic Sketch?

A new launch from the makers of Boogie Board, Magic Sketch is an electronic board made of Nano technology liquid crystal screen for kids to write, doodle and sketch on. Magic Sketch is the fun, new and exciting way for your kids to doodle, draw and sketch. Designed with a liquid crystal screen that writes just like pen on paper, Magic Sketch lets your child create and design all kinds of incredible art.

Loads of fun moments for kids

Magic Sketch is a versatile hi-tech writing board, better than all other alternatives as claimed by its makers, on which kids can write or sketch anything easily, erase contents in a second with a push of button and do it all over again. Since it uses advanced Nano technology liquid crystal screen which is multi-coloured, writing on it is easy and fun like using pen on paper.

Incredibly adaptable, tough and water-resistant
Magic Sketch has a see-through screen, which allows you to trace images and even use your own stencils in. Its battery lasts seven years and it is water-resistant and so tough that even if it falls down or water spills on it, it won’t get damaged.

Magic Sketch Features and Benefits

The best part about Magic Sketch is that when you are done drawing, simply press the button and all your work gets deleted in just seconds.

The screen of Magic Sketch is also see-through allowing you to trace with ease.

Magic Sketch is perfect for both younger and older kids. Younger kids can use it to practice Math and learn ABC’c and older kids can use the tracing stencils for advanced art or for games like tic –tack-toe, word find or dots and boxes. Your kids are sure to love Magic Sketch!

Magic Sketch is great for long road trips. You can use the included stencils or make your own.

It’s the fun alternative to a tablet. Unlike tablets that are not water, Magic Sketch is water-resistant so no matter what you spill simply wipe it off and continue doodling.

Magic Sketch is unbreakable. So whether you drop it or toss it, it won’t break.

Magic Sketch doesn’t require you to charge the battery because the battery lasts for over 7 years. It’s that amazing!

Say goodbye to mess from paints, colors and crayons and order the Magic Sketch today!

What do I get?
Complete Magic Sketch Deluxe Kit (Includes: Magic Sketch, Protector, 4 Stylus, 3 Stamps, 1 Roller & 60 Stencils just for $29.95 + $7.95 S&H | Official Website:

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