Magic Minerals Bronzer

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What is Magic Minerals Bronzer? – It’s a make-up set from Jerome Alexander for bronzing, contouring and sculpting your skin perfectly in any season. It comprises four coordinated and caramelized matte shades of bronzer that go with every complexion and skin tone when mixed.

Magic Minerals Bronzer Claims

Flaunt gorgeous, tanned skin – If you are fed up of the mediocre ‘tanning’ cosmetic products that do little good to your look, Magic Minerals Bronzer could be just what you need. The promoters of Magic Minerals Bronzer proclaim that it’s the best and the only way to sport a marvellous tanned look. Magic Minerals Bronzer is a set of bronzers of four seamlessly synchronised and caramelized shades that are to be blended and then worn. Its ultra-sheer touch supposedly adds a natural sheen to your skin. It is also easy to apply as it drapes your skin evenly and adds a rich glow.

Silken in texture and touch – The creators of Magic Minerals Bronzer emphasize on its ultra-glossy consistency and state that it adds an unmistakable spark to the skin. According to them, Magic Minerals Bronzer is also a pro at contouring and highlighting your features; you can opt for deeper tones to sculpt and define, and the lighter tones to highlight and add radiance to the skin. In addition to that, the sculpt defining accent of Magic Minerals Bronzer also refines the effects you create to highlight your features all year long as it can be used in every season.

What do I get?

  • 1 Magic Minerals Bronzer by Jerome Alexander
  • 1 Clear Lip Gloss
  • 1 Eye Shadow Brush
  • 1 Professional Kabuki Brush

Price: $19.99 + $5.95 S/h | Official website:

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