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What is Mag-Vest?

As depicted in the infomercial, Mag-Vest claims to be a vest that utilizes the power of magnetic field to facilitate the handling of hardware tools, screws, loose nuts and bolts etc. Mag-Vest holds together all the tools Since it is safe and secure, it can be used by both skilled professionals as well as Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. MagVest also features convenient storage for items like hammers and other carpenter tools. There are no Mag-Vest reviews yet to verify these claims.


How does MagVest work?

Every household usually has a good toolkit that is often used for home improvement tasks like something as small as fixing frames on the wall to assembling a wardrobe. Sturdiness and an adequate capacity are the most important factors to consider when choosing these items. So whether you are a seasoned pro or an amateur Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, as a general rule it is best to invest in a well-made product that will last a lifetime. And when you actually get on with task, equally important is to have everything within reach. The ordinary pouches or your hand for that matter can only hold so many items and they have a tendency of fall off. So how does one get the task at hand done with absolute efficiency?

MagVest seems to have come up with a perfect solution to address this problem. It uses the power of magnet to manage hardware and tools when you are actually working. Claiming to be equipped with a magnetic pull strength of over 10lbs, MagVest creates a wearable attachment surface that can securely hold tools, screws, loose nuts, bolts, utility knives, paint scrapers and extra blades too. The most beneficial feature of MagVest apparently is its easy accessibility as everything is within reach even when you are doing the toughest of jobs. Surely a lofty claim to begin with, but we won’t believe them till we see some honest Mag-Vest user reviews. If you or anyone has used it, do let us know in your Mag-Vest reviews.

The makers assert that Mag-Vest is breathable and more comfortable than a tool bag. Plus its sturdy construction and one size fits all makes it the perfect choice for home improvement and DIY enthusiasts, even seasoned pros. MagVest comes in handy especially when you are putting up frames on the walls, installing fans and fixtures. In fact MagVest even declares that there is no better way to manage loose parts and tools when you are underneath the car or underneath the sink. It also features convenient storage for items like hammers and other carpenter tools. When turned upside down, everything stays safe and secure unlike a regular tool box which drops everything on the floor. Now how far this is true can only be substantiated once we have thoroughly analysed Mag-Vest reviews. All in all, MagVest promises to make every task easier, faster and less stressful, regardless of the one operating it is a skilled professional or a DIY enthusiast.


What do I get?

Get the Mag-Vest for $59.99 + $10.95 S&H. | Official website:

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