LUX Multi-Cooker Review

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What is LUX Multi-Cooker

It claims to be an electric cooker that combines the functionality and flexibility of a rice cooker, pressure cooker and slow cooker in one. It comes equipped with the ability to tackle a host of cooking tasks that involve browning, sautéing and simmering.


Multi-utility countertop appliance:

LUX Multi-Cooker assures to be the best and the most handy electric cooker that one can ever own but its assurance will be analyzed once users review it. LUX Multi-Cooker declares to be very flexible and bear a design that has multiple utilities. Cooking can be a fun task if right kinds of appliances are used for it and LUX Multi-Cooker alleges that it will make all types of cooking a breeze. In fact, LUX Multi-Cooker states to have the abilities, flexibility and advantages of a rice cooker, pressure cooker and slow cooker. Now such fancy claims of multiple cookers in one can really fascinating; user reviews will expose the truth.


Extraordinary design:

LUX Multi-Cooker proclaims to come with a design that outsmarts any regular electric cooker, though such a comparison will be only verified once LUX Multi-Cooker is reviewed. LUX Multi-Cooker emphasizes to be perfect for cooking all types of food quickly and easily to suit an entire meal for the family with its capacity of 6qt and 8qt. The suave finish of LUX Multi-Cooker comes with a removable interior pot, which is made out of ceramic so that the food is cooked perfectly with flavors locked in place. The pot in LUX Multi-Cooker also claims to be completely dishwasher safe so that it can be removed and cleaned with ease. LUX Multi-Cooker does sound quite promising; user reviews will tell if it’s otherwise.

Programmable Interface and Controls

LUX Multi-Cooker asserts to have a programmable interface that consists of 12 preset programs that suit most required cooking needs in the kitchen. Can LUX Multi-Cooker really possess so many qualities? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. LUX Multi-Cooker guarantees to ease cooking with its 4 Digit LED screen that comes with soft-touch controls to adjust and select functions for cooking. After cooking the food LUX Multi-Cooker automatically switches to warming mode for up to 12 hours. LUX Multi-Cooker does sound very promising; LUX Multi-Cooker review will verify if it’s true. It is also safe with its self-locking lid that opens only once the pressure is released. Does LUX Multi-Cooker really perform amazingly well? Send us your reviews.


Programmable cooking choices:

LUX Multi-Cooker alleges to offer many different cooking options that include processes that need rice cooking, pressure cooking or slow cooking. At this point of time there are no LUX Multi-Cooker reviews that attest to its claims. LUX Multi-Cookerstates to come with presets for white rice, brown rice, risotto and even yogurt. LUX Multi-Cooker emphasizes its flexibility by providing cooking assist functions that can be used without the presets and they include sauté, simmer, brown and steam. LUX Multi-Cooker claims to keep food warm and delayed cooking for convenience. Such far-fetched claims by LUX Multi-Cooker can be only validated once users review it. LUX Multi-Cooker promises that all these amazing meals take up to 70% less time and maintain their natural color and flavors. Although at this point of time it is difficult to believe upon LUX Multi-Cooker and can be confirmed once it is reviewed.


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