Lumbar Express | Inflatable Back Pillow

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What is Lumbar Express

As per the infomercial it claims to be an inflatable back pillow/back-cushion that provides comfort while sitting anywhere. Proclaiming to be portable and auto-inflatable, it can be easily carried anywhere without the need of using any type of batteries or pumps. Lumbar Express claims that it can provide a solution from back pain and poor posture, such a claim can be only substantiated once the Lumbar Express reviews come out.

Lumbar Express Features

Comfortable seating for hours – Sitting has become an integral part of any job today which is why many individuals suffer from back pain. Lumbar Express states that it ensures that such pain can be relieved or even avoided with its amazing design. This claim of Lumbar Express is yet to be reviewed by users. Lumbar Express promises to be perfect for correcting posture while traveling by trains, buses, riding a car or long flights. Does Lumbar Express work as it promises? Send us your Lumbar Express reviews.


Revolutionary portable design
Lumbar Express asserts to provide relief from back pain anywhere using its portable design that converts into a sleek design easily. In fact, Lumbar Express claims to fit in any place once it’s rolled up, be it a purse, bag or a travel kit. It’s still very early to believe the claim since there are no Lumbar Express reviews available yet. The secret behind the design of Lumbar Express is asserted to be the auto-inflating air tube. This air tube is to be simply opened and once the air starts flowing it inflates in mere seconds. Once done the tube of Lumbar Express is to be tucked into the pocket for sealing it instantly. Does it really auto-inflate in seconds? The user reviews for Lumbar Express will reveal the true facts.


Contoured for excellent support – Lumbar Express assures to provide ultimate comfort to the back because of its contouring design. Though how well this design works is a question best left to answer by Lumbar Express user reviews. Lumbar Express states that the posture correcting design is perfect not just for the back but also for the neck and can be even used as a seat cushion. It is still early to assume that Lumbar Express claims are true and its reviews will tell otherwise. Lumbar Express emphasizes to provide ultra-comfort not just with its design but also with the material used to create it. Lumbar Express declares to be made from a very soft, velvety material that provides instant support once inflated. But how soft and velvety Lumbar Express really is can be only known once users review Lumbar Express.

One for every age and size – Lumbar Express guarantees to provide utmost comfort for any place. This way people who work at offices that do not have ergonomically designed chairs can benefit from it. It states to be usable in correcting posture while driving so that there are no hiccups due to back pain. This benefit as claimed by Lumbar Express is yet to be certified. Long journeys are tiring which is why Lumbar Express can work very well to give a comfortable sleep. Basically people of any size and shape can benefit from Lumbar Express . Such tall claims of Lumbar Express are quite promising but can only be substantiated after the user reviews come out.


What do I get?
You get 2 Lumbar Express Inflatable Back Pillows for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website:

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