Luma Smile Review

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What is LumaSmile

As per the TV commercial, it is a home tooth polishing solution to give you whiter teeth in just minutes with each weekly use. It claims to remove toughest stains caused by coffee, tea or even tobacco.


Luma Smile Review

Sydney Evans in her Luca Smile review regrets not having paid enough attention to the negative reviews before opting to buy the Luca Smile. Without any torque, the product is completely useless. Stains can’t be removed unless enough pressure is applied, but on the other hand more pressure stops it from spinning. According to Sydney the only good thing about it is the motor.

Olivia Morris in her Luca Smile review says that she bought it on an impulse and regrets her hasty decision. It is bulky and lacks enough power to do its job. She claims that her nose hair trimmer has more power in comparison. Plus it stops when it comes in contact with the lips thus making it a very weak product. It’s a definite no-no from her.

Mitchelle Shelby in her Luca Smile review says that the product is of poor quality and the rubber pieces don’t stay on the device.

Taylor Warren in her Luca Smile review says that she was excited about it and wanted to polish her teeth before the holidays. Though the package arrived in its original seal, the polishing cups were missing, hence she had to order it separately.

Brett Harper in his Luca Smile review says that he hasn’t noticed any significant whitening or tarter reduction. He felt cheated as he has very sensitive teeth and the Luca Smile felt as if it was sanding his teeth enamel. He recommends Crest White Strips or a 500 dollar professional treatment.


Dazzling pearly whites right at home

LumaSmile promises to get rid of your problem of yellow and stained teeth. When just brushing your teeth cannot remove the stains, LumaSmile assures to let you get more out of whitening your teeth. Unlike dental strips that are expensive and may cause tooth sensitivity, Luma Smile asserts to be an at home and convenient solution. Luma Smile convinces that you wouldn’t have to spend time and lots of money going to a dentist’s office to get the perfectly dazzling and stain-free teeth. You will allegedly need to spend just one minute of using LumaSmile each week for those bright pearly whites.


Removes the most stubborn and old stains

The at-home tooth polisher LumaSmile convinces to give you the same results as a professional dentist, and gives you a fresh feeling. Luma Smile states to have motorized rubber cups that use the power and precision of a professional dentist’s polishing tool. LumaSmile promises to remove stains very gently yet effectively. The patent-pending hyper light of LumaSmile declares to let you keep an eye on the stains up close so that none are left behind. LumaSmile maintains that it can successfully remove stubborn stains of coffee, tea and even wine. Whether tobacco stains or stains that have been there for years, Luma Smile states to get rid of them all easily right at home. Luma Smile convinces that your yellow teeth will be dazzling bright to bring your youthful smile and confidence back.



Easy to use

Unlike polish plates LumaSmile claims to be easy to use. You are alleged to just need to attach the LumaSmile rubber cap to the tip of the polisher, activate the unit and glide it over your teeth for a minute to clean them. LumaSmile states to be cordless so you can use it anywhere with ease. LumaSmile also maintains that you can carry it on your travels easily. Each rubber cup of Luma Smile declares to give you up to 100 uses thus lasting really long. With each use LumaSmile asserts to make your teeth glossier with its effective whitener.


Gentle on sensitive teeth

Luma Smile promises that it is tough only on stains. LumaSmile proclaims that it goes easy on the enamel and causes no damage to the teeth. Even if you have sensitive gums and teeth, LumaSmile assures to come to your rescue to remove stains without causing side effects. LumaSmile states to give only a pleasant experience within the comfort of your home with absolutely no hassles. LumaSmile convinces to be so effective that it will give you bright smile in less time than brushing. No matter what your age, if your teeth are stained LumaSmile guarantees to tackle them. Unlike laser whitening, LumaSmile claims that it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.


What do I get?

you will receive two Luma Smile set which includes (1) LumaSmile polisher and 5 polishing cups for the low price of only $10.00 plus $15 S&H. Official website


4 Comments on "Luma Smile Review"

  1. I’d like to see if it works because of the mixed reviews. Some like it, some don’t but my problem is I can’t keep the cup on long enough to see if it works. It keeps popping off; therefore, I have to be honest and say it sucks buttermilk.

  2. Ya I just bought it for 1$ and I feel like I got robbed!! Lol, all it is a spinning rubber cub that you put whitener in it and glide it across your teeth. Just used it and wow. The lucky leprechaun came out and touched my teeth and they are platinum!! Naw, just messing w ya, no different and don’t see in ANY way that it’s going to whiten them. So 10 thumbs down. DO NOT BUY! Your better off just making a donation to me😜

  3. I was very impress seeing there advate so was realy looking forward to get one,but is so dissapointing cus is not even wat they say it was ,it was just the silver blue tool and five cup nothing more i thought it was a tin like liquid was suppose to be attached to it but is just a money wasted it hurt

  4. So does this work or not? Not only does this scream of a “I was paid/bribed to write a review” due to your wording, but you’re jumping around the bush the entire time. You keep using the phrases, “Luna smile promises,” Luna smile assures,” Luna smile states to,” Luna smile proclaims,” I don’t WANT to know what Luna Smile is promising. I’ve read the packaging. I want to know what YOU think. That’s why I’m here. And after reading your “review,” it’s very very clear that you’ve never even tried it. This isn’t a review. This is literately paraphrasing what the packaging
    says, so either you’ve never tried this for yourself or you were paid to write a false positive “review.”

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