Luma Stones Review

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About Luma Stones

Luma Stones states to be lightweight light that is activated by motion or touch and has auto shut off feature. Alleging to be the most innovative and sleekest lights, Luma Stones proclaims to have 8 bright and energy-efficient LED lights that give 360 degree ambient light instantly. Luma Stones claims to provide the right amount of light when touched whether in daytime or night and is great for closets, kitchen, bathroom, medicine cabinets, stairways, and every such dark place.



How does it work

Luma Stones promises to be sleek and lightweight and feature four energy-efficient LEDs that are dispersed through a seamless smart-touch “stone” exterior. This combination declares to provide 360 degree ambient light, which is not blinding like regular lamps. Luma Stones maintains to be activated by a simple touch or movement and automatically switches off after 15 seconds. The light assures to be great for all dark places by providing the right amount of light instantly every time.


Ambient light with a touch or movement

Waking up in the night to go to the bathroom or look for medicines in the cabinet is a regular thing. You obviously need to switch on the light, but are immediately blinded by the brightness. But with Luma Stones, which emphasizes to be the sleekest and most innovative light ever, you will get the absolutely right amount of light to let you do your work while not bothering you with its brightness. Luma Stones declares that it activates with just a touch or movement. Unlike traditional lights, Luma Stones convinces to be equipped with eight LED energy-efficient lights that are disseminated through its seamless stone exterior, which has smart touch. It asserts to give 360 degrees of ambient light and shuts off automatically after 15 seconds. Luma Stones guarantees to last a lifetime and is energy efficient since it doesn’t use electricity to work.

Lights up all dark places easily

Luma Stones alleges that you wouldn’t have to hunt for your keys inside the purse when it’s dark and goes inside a deep drawer where you need to find your stuff. Luma Stones maintains to be great for kids if they wake up scared at night and assures them of safety without having to fumble for the switch. Since it turns off automatically after 15 seconds, Luma Stones declares that kids do not have to worry about forgetting to switch the light off. With Luma Stones you can allegedly get instant light inside the closet where your regular light doesn’t reach. It also states to be a great nightlight and provide soft light to guide your way to the bathroom without waking your partner up. Luma Stones can be kept in medicine cabinet, kitchen counters, drawers, tool box, and under the sinks where it’s always dark. Luma Stones guarantee to be great outdoors when you go for a night walk or even camping and take no space or add weight in your bag since they are lightweight and compact.


What do I get?

You’ll receive 2 Sets of Luma Stones™ (4 total) and a set of 4 holders for just $14.95 plus $5.95 S&H.Official website

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