Lover’s Always

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About Lover’s Always

Lover’s Always states to be a program through a collection of 4 CDs that helps you find and keep love, reignite passion or work out the problems in your relationship or marriage. Lover’s Always proclaims to be a series created by the famed relationship counselor Alison Armstrong and reveals the different ways in which the two sexes communicate, date, heal conflict and nurture each other with care. Lover’s Always alleges that you can get its benefits at home, listen to it in your car or even on your mp3 player.


How does Lover’s Always work?

The Lover’s Always CD collection has been created by Alison Armstrong who is a relationship counselor, teacher, expert and author and reveals the secrets of making a relationship work in a way that you have never heard before, telling things the way they are. Lover’s Always claims to let you discover the unsaid language of the opposite sex and teach you communication. Lover’s Always promises to guide you in removing conflicts, building trust and reigniting connection and commitment and increasing intimacy.

Find and keep love – For people who haven’t found love or if there is trouble in their paradise, Lover’s Always declares to give the relationship answers that they are seeking by understanding the opposite sex and their partners. The series of CDs Lover’s Always emphasizes that it will help you evaluate and understand your own relationship and the way you look at your partner. Lover’s Always assures that it is not drab lecturing that will make you lose interest but is full of humor with insights in relationships. Lover’s Always declares to reveal what men can and cannot provide in life, avoiding the tragic mistakes that women make in relationships, revelations about a man’s midlife crisis, what makes men ready for commitment and other such invaluable relationship advice and tips.

Never heard before advice – Lover’s Always convinces to be so fresh in perspective that you won’t have heard or read the information it gives before. Lover’s Always claims that you will be able to repair hurt in a relationship, change lives, grow love or enhance your love life with the series. Lover’s Always maintains to help singletons, married people or those in a relationship just as efficiently. Lover’s Always guarantees that it will give both men and women the equality in their partnership and has insights that previous generations has never had.


What do I get?

4 CD Lovers Always collection and coursebook for $14.95 for one month trial period. Then 3 Payments of $49.95. Official website

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