Loopy Hair Lock Tie REVIEW

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What is Loopy Hair Lock Tie – It claims to be the ultimate hair tie that helps in managing hair without breaking or tangling them. It stays in place as long as you want it to and works for all types of hair.



Loopy Hair Lock Tie Claims

Innovative Hair Loop – Loopy Hair Lock Tie claims to replace the old style hair loops that either lose their grip on the hair or are tight to break or damage them. Such farfetched claims by Loopy Hair Lock Tie will be only proved once we receive user reviews. Loopy Hair Lock Tie guarantees that it won’t damage the hair with its simple design. There is no way of telling whether Loopy Hair Lock Tie works since there are no user reviews out yet. Loopy Hair Lock Tie declares to work best with all types of hair including straight, locks, curly, braids and even man buns. More shall be revealed once we get to analyze the Loopy Hair Lock Tie reviews.

Simple and Effective Design – Loopy Hair Lock Tie promises that it includes no complexity and doesn’t require pulling and pushing of hair. Just hold the hair, wrap the Loopy Hair Lock Tie around, loop it through and it’s done. Such easy steps do make Loopy Hair Lock Tie impressive; user reviews will expose the truth. Loopy Hair Lock Tie asserts to use superior quality stretch elastic that circles around any type of hair without tangling or making a fuss. Removing Loopy Hair Lock Tie is alleged to be as easy but still unproven due to lack of user reviews. It proclaims that its open ended patent pending design stays secure during the entire day. In fact it stays in place even while you exercise and jog. Did you find Loopy Hair Lock Tie helpful as it claims? Send us your reviews.


Loopy Hair Lock Tie REVIEW

Advantages of Loopy Hair Lock Tie

One user JESSICA KNG who bought Loopy Hair Lock Tie says in her review, “Its loop and bead tie design is quite effective and simple. Loopy Hair Lock Tie worked great for my tying my dreadlocks.”

Sandra Long who used Loopy Hair Lock Tie reveals in her review, “I love its easy-to-use bead and loop closure which doesn’t damage or snag the hair like metal clasps and clips.”

Another Loopy Hair Lock Tie user Sarah Myers states in her review, “This loopy tie even works on men. The idea that it works regardless of hair type to maintain a ponytail is astounding.”

JANET GORDON who purchased Loopy Hair Lock Tie mentions in her review, “Loopy Hair Lock Tie’s open ended design is fantastic. It is easy to put on and even remove. It stays in place till desired. The great part though is that I got 12 Loopy for only $10. That is a cost-effective hair management solution”

Disadvantages of Loopy Hair Lock Tie

GLORIA WHITE says disappointedly in her review, “Loopy Hair Lock Tie is a decent product only for medium to thin hair. It failed to work on my baby fine hair.”

CHERYL HART in her review says, “Loopy Hair Lock Tie keeps on slipping and falling during active sessions of football, basketball, yoga and more such.”

Another customer JUDY AUSTIN rants in her review, “Loopy Hair Lock Tie is flat with poor quality and cheap, flimsy construction.”

KATHY CHAPMAN also shares similar complaints regarding Loopy Hair Lock Tie, “It’s only available online and takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive. There are no instructions written on how to use it.”

JUDITH MORRISON who also is unhappy with Loopy Hair Lock Tie writes in her review, “You can make this right at home, besides it feels like a cheap China made product. There are no sizes available and falls short for fuller hair.”


Loopy Hair Lock Tie Questions and Answers
Question: Can it be used to braid one’s own hair?
Answer: No, it is not designed for braiding purpose. It just helps in making a ponytail and keeping in in place.

Indications: It contains small parts with choking hazard. Keep it away from children under 3.


What do I get?

  • 6 Black Loppys
  • 6 Workout Loopys
  • 1 Jewelled Loopy

Price: $10.00 + $5.95 P & H at the official website: BuyTheLoopy.com

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