Lizz by Velform

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What is Lizz by Velform?

It claims to be a revolutionary combination, formulated to refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes. Lizz nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes and reduces the signs of fatigue, stress which in turn will make you look younger and refreshed.


Lizz by Velform REVIEW

They do not mention the ingredients of Lizz by Velform on their website, this fact alone is enough to convince that Lizz by Velform is a rip-off. Any skin care product that make such claims like the Lizz by Velform does, is expected to list the ingredients of their product, if they don’t do it that means they don’t want people to know that it is just another “anti-wrinkle” cream with nothing special. Lizz by Velform is priced at £19.99 which is expensive than other BRANDED and 5-star rated anti-wrinkle creams. The absence of ingredients makes us think if Lizz by Velform is free of Parabens, Sulfates Or Alcohol. It is worth to note that Lizz by Velform does not claim to be NATURAL. Also the Lizz by Velform video claims to deliver results in just 2 minutes, this makes us think how long the results will last, we doubt if the results will last for more than an hour.


Lizz by Velform Complaints

Lot of hassle for a bad product – Shanaya who bought Lizz by Velform complained in her review that it has been a hassle for her right from the time of ordering the product. It took ever so long for it to be delivered and several of her queries went unanswered. And when the serum arrived she was left quite disappointed because it is completely useless. She was annoyed by the fact that it stinks. She does admit that it pulls your skin tighter but it doesn’t really work on wrinkles. Overall she says that the serum didn’t live up to her expectations and she has sent it back.

Lizz can irritate your skin – Paige who used Lizz by Velform exposed in her review that she was left with an irritated skin after using the serum. She recommends being careful when trying it on the skin because it can be harmful. She adds that her skin is not really sensitive and yet the serum turned it bright red. She was shocked to see that the ingredients in the serum were not mentioned on the packaging, and it makes her wonder what they are really hiding.

Lizz by Velform is Disappointing – Selena who reviewed Lizz by Velform revealed in her review that the serum feels like you have applied glue directly to your face. It leaves white streaks behind, which is quite annoying and just not what you expect. She could have tolerated these effects if the serum did what it was meant to do. But according to her it doesn’t even work on small fine lines, forget having any kind of impact on deep wrinkles. She followed the instructions and gave the serum enough time to try and bring about a change in her skin but it didn’t. She finally threw it away because it was completely useless.


How does Lizz by Velform work?

Claims to Offer Versatile Skin Care

Lizz by Velform promises to immediately lift, tighten and tone the appearance of your skin around your eyes with an instant result that will last all day or night, but it fails to inform its users how it actually works. “If you want that glamorous look for a special occasion then Lizz will help you look your very best anytime” – says the Lizz by Velform video.


Promises to be Easy to Use

As per the Lizz by Velform video it’s an easy application skin care product. All you need to do here is simply smooth Lizz underneath and around your eyes. As it dries it creates an invisible layer. Lizz tightens and firms the skin under your eyes. It supposedly erases the under eye lines smoothing creases and reducing crow’s feet. Lizz makes fancy claims like – “it can literally wipe away years from your face in just seconds and make you look ten times younger in an instant”. These fancy claims by Lizz are not yet attested by real user reviews


Under Eye Wrinkles – A Problem of your Past

Lizz claims to make you look younger and more refreshed in an instant as you’ll begin to see the lines and wrinkles around your eyes fade away. Lizz promises to keep those under eye lines stay away for up to 8 full hours and gives you that younger and a more youthful appearance. This amazing result is achieved in just minutes. Those wrinkles around the eyes disappear like magic. Lizz can give you that perfect look with no injections, surgery or any painful invasive treatments.


Stress taking a toll? Lizz to your rescue

In today’s world, with the work load and studies, your eyes have lost their natural beauty. You get dark circles, puffiness, redness, itchiness, wrinkles and what not. Even after waking up in the morning, your eyes look tired and dull because of the dark circles and under eye bags. Lizz promises it can be used on any skin type and will erase these signs of stress in a second.


Why wake up every morning with crow’s feet giving others the impression that you spent a sleepless night? All you need is Lizz by Velform that will eliminate those signs of fatigue giving you a fresh look every morning.


What do I get?
2 Lizz by Velform Bottles for just £39.99 + S/h. Official website:

Should you Buy Lizz?

We recommend you NOT TO BUY Lizz by Velform yet, we have mentioned the reasons in the review section above. There are tons of similar products at which have good ratings and are tried and tested.

11 Comments on "Lizz by Velform"

  1. FATIMA ZAHRA EL BOUHALI | January 21, 2019 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    i just tried it and i don’t recommend it it hurts my skin and left it red and damaged 🙁

  2. Renewyou Ltd | March 18, 2017 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    Dear Sirs Can you please contact with us regarding Distribution in Bulgaria?

  3. Emely Barrientos | June 29, 2016 at 3:07 am | Reply

    It is a Fake product..

  4. Emely Barrientos | June 29, 2016 at 3:04 am | Reply

    My friend just bought one here in the Manila..she hurriedly cleaned her face and applued it…Me too and to our dusmay nothing had happen, it didnt work we wasted our time and money…please dont buy this lizz by velform..IT IS A FAKE..

  5. This is really a waste of money,it leaves white powdery streaks onder your eyes,doesn’t say what it is made from,if I put bread soda with coconut oil onder my eyes it has the same effect,only better it leaves no streaks.Be Aware don’t waste you money on this.

  6. Well, my 80 year old grandma tried it and it worked beautifully, i gave it to her an hour ago. The results are just like the Ad and I also tried it on my face it doesn’t feel bad and it doesn’t stink, actually it smells quite nice. Your review is very harsh. Lizz isn’t a miracle but it does work and it is not expensive

  7. Why you recommended NOT TO BUY LIZZ VELFORM??? I’m interested to buy this product.. Its not effective??? They liebin their video??? Please answers me and who are u people??? I’m here in the Philippines… Before I buy this lizz I need more information.. Thanks bye Godbless..

  8. It feels and looks like you put superglue on to face

  9. You have to lubricate the so-called serum on ‘bare’ skin. In my case Lizz Velform hurts the skin under my eyes as it pulls it immensely. The skin looks bloated and totally unnaturel and I’m wondering what the real long-term results will be.. May be a dead tired, or should I say death drawn skin? After all, you don’t know what ingredients they put into it…

  10. You wrote an entire review with out actually trying the stuff !! What’s the point in that…..
    Your review is as empty as a bottle of lizz probably is (I wouldn’t know. I haven’t tried it!!)

  11. Sterckx Sonia | April 17, 2015 at 12:12 pm | Reply

    Tommy Teleshopping one gives to a price of € 59.95 when calling to order one comes with a price of 78 euros . A fool in my opinion , would be a verzekerig for transmission in it. Where this is necessary , I wonder if I through another site ‘s online ordering I never pay it. No, Tommy teleshopping not me !!!

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