Living Stone Bakeware Review

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About Living Stone Bakeware

Living Stone Bakeware is a baking system that promises to let you bake anything easily and quickly. Living Stone Bakeware claims to have a non-stick surface that bakes food evenly, is a breeze to clean and scratch-resistant. It convinces to be PFOA and PTFE free and durable with its steel construction.


How does it work

Most baking trays and pans claim to be non-stick but they often end up with food stuck to the surface, scratch after a point and are a nightmare to clean. But Living Stone Bakeware convinces to have a naturally non-stick coating that is a breeze to clean, gives even baking and is scratch-resistant.

Baking trays with naturally non-stick coating

Baking breads, cookies and cakes is a passion for many, but that passion is not quite replicated when it comes to cleaning the baking trays and pans. But Living Stone Bakeware assures to let such baking enthusiasts eat their cake and have it too with these non-stick baking trays. Living Stone Bakeware asserts to be made of naturally non-stick coating so that no matter what you want to bake, it won’t stick to the surface at all making clean up very easy. Living Stone Bakeware also maintains to be dishwasher safe to make things easier for you. Usually the cake batter or cookie dough is left unbaked in places or even burns ruining the taste. But Living Stone Bakeware proclaims that it is so efficient that it distributes the heat evenly and gives you consistent baking every time. Living Stone Bakeware also maintains that it prevents the food from burning so you can be assured of food baked to the right amount.


Scratch resistant and safe

A major issue with most non-stick baking trays is that the coating scratches off when you use spatulas on them or while cleaning. But Living Stone Bakeware emphasizes that its non-stick coating is also scratch-resistant. Owing to this property, Living Stone Bakeware assures that the flakes of the surface coating won’t mix with your food and is thus safe to use. Living Stone Bakeware also maintains that the coating does not contain the harmful PTFE or PFOA chemicals. Living Stone Bakeware alleges that it is made of strong steel construction making it an extremely durable baking utensil. Unlike other baking trays that are difficult to hold and lift, Living Stone Bakeware asserts that the built-in silicone handles give it a non-slip grip. Living Stone Bakeware also emphasize to be compact enough for easy storage. Living Stone Bakeware declares that you can bake savory delights like loaves of breads and pizzas in it or even get desserts like muffins, cookies, cakes or even bake potatoes with it.


What do I get?

You will get Living Stone Bakeware for $49.00.Official website

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