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What is Liteowl

Liteowl is a night light that claims to charge on solar power and gives enough light at night to soothe waking up kids back to sleep. Liteowl asserts that it turns on automatically when the lights are off and switches off when the lights come on; so you wouldn’t need to worry about switching it on or off. Liteowl promises to eliminate the trouble of dysfunctional lights or outlets and draining batteries.


How does Liteowl work?

Liteowl states that it is a solar-powered LED light that just needs to be placed under direct sunlight or anywhere inside your house directly under UV lighting with the solar panel facing the source of light for approximately 6 hours to give 10-12 hours of light at night. Liteowl maintains that it is light sensitive and automatically starts charging when it senses the presence of light. When it gets dark the same sensitivity makes it switch on automatically. Liteowl proclaims that it can be turned off manually by just tapping its front.


Illuminate any Place
Liteowl alleges to be so well lit that it can be used as a night-light that is not needed to turn on and off. Its automatic feature brightens up the LEDs placed inside its casing and is perfect to help find the door or illuminate the bathroom. The light is also declared to be very soft and comforting, which is why it makes a perfect night-light even for children’s bedrooms. In fact, Liteowl emphasizes that it helps children sleep undisturbed and even if they wake up they will be soothed back to sleep because of its design that emits gentle and warm glow.


Ergonomically designed
Liteowl assures to be very handy due to its glow in the dark adhesive outlet covers that can be spotted easily at night. The solar panel of Liteowl is declared to be of high-quality and can sustain its charge for a period of 10-12 hours. Additionally, Liteowl promises that it can even charge indoors under UV lighting. Apart from being handy, Liteowl asserts that it can be used as a fixed light in the room. This is made possible using the suction cup design that can be placed directly on a window to charge or light anywhere you want.

Liteowl assures that even after placing it on the window surface it does not leave a mark behind when removed. Liteowl claims to have a boarder that glows in the dark, and its frosted front does not get emit light harshly. The automatic On/Off feature of Liteowl does not mean it cannot be turned off manually. One needs to simply tap on the front cover to get the LEDs to turn on or off as desired.

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