Lil Lamps LED Review

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What is Lil Lamps LED?

It is a small portable LED light that can illuminate large spaces anywhere very brightly and can last for up to 100,000 hours of use.


Carry your own light anywhere anytime

Lil Lamps LED could be the solution you’ve been looking for to have bright light handy everywhere you need. The makers of this LED lighting concept present it as a smart innovation that can light up any space at home as well as outdoors for you. It promises to supply you with bright light anywhere you need every moment as it’s a portable and lightweight light you can fix anywhere easily and quickly.



No limitations to ease and convenience

Lil Lamps LED promises that you will never be in the dark if you keep it handy. You can actually take it outside and mount it anywhere you wish. It is a tiny yet extremely powerful LED lamp that looks like a bulb designed to shine bright. It is a battery-operated light that can light up the biggest area brightly. It is equipped with battery saving technology hence it can shine for up to 100,000 hours. Besides, it’s designed to be in easy reach always no matter where you are.


Easy to install and use

You don’t need to call an electrician to fix your Lil Lamps LED as its makers claim that you can do it yourself by following three easy steps. First you need to peel off the protective layer at the back of the lamp and stick it wherever you need light. After that you pull the cord provided to switch it on and then adjust it as per the amount of light you require.



Versatile and adaptive

Unlike ordinary lamps or flashlights, Lil Lamps LED can rotate 180º up and down the way you want it to. It assures you that you can count on it to go where you may never have before as it can illuminate large areas too no matter how tight the space is. It is designed to be mounted virtually anywhere. It’s easy to fix and also to remove as you can simply slide it out in a snap and take it anywhere.


Durable and safe

Lil Lamps LED is water resistant so you can use it in moist places too. It is also tough enough to withstand great amounts of impact. Lil Lamps LED also guarantees total safety since its makers promote it as the portable light that can be carried anywhere instantly. Its makers seem to have taken adequate care to ensure that it stays cool to the touch so you can move around with it without facing risks of burns.


What do I get?

you will receive the set of 8 Lil Lamps™ LED for just $10.00 +$13.98 P&H.Official website


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