LeatherNu – Leather Color Repair Kit

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What is LeatherNu? – LeatherNu is a new leather color restoration and repair kit to touch up and re-dye leather items.


Complete care to jazz up all your leather products

LeatherNu claims to be the perfect leather color restoration dye for color touch up and repair. You are promised that it’s effective, convenient, safe and has an edge over other leather repair kits. According to its makers, it is available in seven different intermix color dyes that match any color of leather for products you wish to restore, thereby saving you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars.

Works on rips, tears, burns and faded surfaces

LeatherNu apparently is able to mend leather products that are torn, ripped or faded effectively. The leather dyes can be applied easily with a spatula or sponge provided and let dry. It supposedly makes even old and faded leather surfaces come alive like brand new. You may try it to touch up a worn or discolored spot on your leather, so you don’t need to throw them away. If a leather surface is torn, just fill in the damaged area with the repair compound and apply the color dye that matches it. After that, cover it with the texture paper to let it dry and remove it after a while to find rips and tears gone.


Easy, effective and safe

LeatherNu, it is claimed, is easy to use and works on most damaged leather surfaces. It can fix leather surfaces that are torn as well as faded. You can blend the different dyes provided to match the color of the leather product you want to revamp. Each LeatherNu kit has enough dye to cover about 1-2 square feet of leather. Also, its makers assure you that the dyes are totally safe as they are water-based and non-toxic.


Works on vinyl, genuine and faux leather

LeatherNu seems to be effective for materials like vinyl, genuine and faux leather as well as most bonded leather surfaces. It makes sense to try LeatherNu on leather bags, shoes, belts, wallets, furniture and many more items before purchasing new products.


What do I get?
LeatherNu Repair Kit for $29.95 | LeatherNu Conditioner for $16.95 | LeatherNu Repair Kit & Conditioner Combo for $39.95. Official website leathernu.com

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