Lava Thaw Review

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What is Lava Thaw:

It is a kitchen tool, which maintains that now you can defrost meat in a matter of minutes.
Lava Thaw claims that now you will not have to worry about defrosting meat before dinner because it will do the job quickly for you. How often have you made your prep for cooking meat and then realized that you forgot to defrost the meat? It can delay your cooking tremendously, which is something you want to avoid. But you don’t want to use the microwave for defrosting meat as well. Lava Thaw asserts that now you won’t have to as there is a quick and efficient way to do that whenever you want.


How does Lava Thaw Work?

Lava Thaw lets you feed your family faster
You don’t want your loved ones waiting around for dinner because you forgot to defrost the meat. Lava Thaw assures you that it won’t happen again because it only takes a few minutes to get the job done. Its secret is in the thermal transfer technology, which is capable of absorbing heat from the air and transferring it to the meat. Thus Lava Thaw ensures a faster natural thawing process and the food unfreezes rather quickly. However the tray itself stays cool to the touch, according to its claims.
Lava Thaw also emphasizes on its special design, which has a unique slant to make sure that the excess moisture just slides away and you can start cooking within a matter of minutes.


Lava Thaw has several features for your benefit
Lava Thaw maintains that it is non porous, which is an advantage for you when it comes to defrosting meats. It’s because of the non porous surface you can clean it up quite quickly and it remains uncontaminated too. That’s a huge benefit it has over the regular wooden cutting boards. You will also find that Lava Thaw is dishwasher safe to save you the hassle of cleaning it up later. Now you have the option of defrosting meat naturally and without the need for a microwave, which is quite safe, effective and quick too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 2 Lava Thaw & incredible Aeroknife for $19.99 plus $15.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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