Lammily Review

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What is Lammily

She is a real life like doll specially designed from a real teenager who promises to be the perfect companion for growing girls.

Lammily asserts that now little girls can play with a doll that looks like a real girl, who could be their elder sister or a friend for that matter. All growing girls love to have dolls who they can play with and take with them wherever they go. In many ways they are their chosen companions that share several little secrets. But in recent times as we become more aware of body image and issues that girls face because of that, we don’t want to get those dolls that just don’t look real. Those supermodel like dolls end up creating an unrealistic idea of body and beauty amongst little girls, which you just don’t want them to happen. That’s where this real like doll comes into play, offering your girls a healthy playing companion. Sadly there aren’t enough Lammily reviews yet for us to be able to verify these claims.


Keeping it playful but real

If you are tired of dolls with those completely unrealistic body types then you don’t have to look beyond this one according to its claims. That’s because this doll has been designed from a real teenager so that it looks like a real girl. While this might be an interesting claim it still needs to be corroborated after going through Lammily reviews. Importantly this dolls stresses on the fact that she has a realistic body size. And it only means that your little girls will not grow up with weird and completely absurd ideas of beauty and body. Do you tend to agree with this claim about the doll? We want to know your opinions in your Lammily reviews.

This doll has not only been designed to look real but she acts and feels real too. In fact she can move and bend whenever you want and do things that you would, including waving to her BFFs. Lammily reviews can throw more light on these features.

Always ready for an adventure

You have had enough of dolls that do nothing more than look pretty. Thankfully now there is a doll who is a lot of fun to be with and always ready for an adventure. You can dress her up for the beach, take her to the dance class or to a sports race if you like. With her the fun never stops. We want to find out if she is an adventure loving doll in your Lammily reviews. This doll also has a fierce fashion sense and can carry of different looks. Her super soft hair can be tied in several styles to complement the look. Lammily reviews are awaited to talk about her fashion quotient.

Specially created marks can be used as scrapes and bandages on her while reusable temporary tattoos allow you to make her a reflection of you. Lammily reviews should be able to tell us more about these customizable marks.


What do I get?

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