Knee Ease REVIEW

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Knee Ease

What is Knee Ease?

If you suffer from knee pain and use a pillow between your knees when you sleep at night, then you know how keeping the pillow in place is a night long challenge that wakes you as often as the pain did. Here’s introducing Knees Ease, medication free solution for people suffering from arthritis. Knees Ease asserts it is a soft and flexible brace around your knee that claims to bend and straighten with you, cushioning your knee no matter what position you sleep in.

Knee Ease Claims

Knees Ease alleges its soft inner body that surrounds and protects the knee is composed of memory foam that molds itself quickly to the skin practically becoming part of your body constantly cushioning your knees at all times. Does it sound too good to be true? Knees Ease reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Knees Ease maintains that its two Velcro flaps keep it securely in place giving you a perfect comfortable fit. This claim seems to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after Knees Ease is reviewed.

It emphasizes that it designed to perfectly fit the smallest to the largest knee. This claim can be substantiated only once Knees Ease is reviewed.

Knee Ease REVIEW

Vanessa Cole writes in her Knees Ease review- “Way too hard to have between your knees all night. It is very uncomfortable. I would not recommend this to anyone. It is supposed to be soft but is a big let-down.”

Roberta Pena, another user, claims in her Knees Ease review that she bought it as an alternative to a knee pillow bit it does not work, and is uncomfortable.

In her Knees Ease review, Deborah Greer says it is too bulky for her.

Another user, Roland Page is unhappy with the Knees Ease and complains in his review – “I kept adjusting the position to try to find a comfortable spot but could never find it. I felt like the memory foam is too hard. I have used many different memory foams in the past, name brands at that, and this one just falls short of my expectations.

Ray Douglas purchased the Knees Ease and mentions in his Knees Ease review- “There is a middle strap that goes behind the knee that irritates relentlessly.”

Lucia Barton purchased Knees Ease and writes in her review- “Seems well-made; not terribly comfortable and the back strap could be a little longer, so that the Velcro doesn’t rub on the skin. I can wear it a few hours, but then have to give the area a break from chafing and tightness.”

Gregg Boyd uses Knees Ease and her review reads that the brace helps ease pressure on the knee.

Disappointed with Knees Ease, Josefina Woods says in her review that it was okay at first but then started to rub the back of her knee and left it so sore she couldn’t wear it anymore.

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