Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner REVIEW

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About Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner

It’s an innovative designed telescopic gutter cleaner that claims to help you can gutters quickly, easily and flawlessly with its smart mechanism including a spray nozzle that rotates almost 180 degrees.


Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner


Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner CLAIMS

Accesses Unreachable Places Effortlessly! – The makers of Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner project it as the ultimate gutter cleaner that will relieve you of all the trouble you dread while cleaning gutter. According to them, this cleaning solution will ensure you don’t struggle, climb ladders or stretch too much as its add-ons and attachments facilitate easy cleaning of hard to reach places such as roofs, canopies, caravans, sheds and more.

Ultimate Convenience and Flexibility – Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner has an adjustable pole that can stretch up to 2 meters while its specially designed spray nozzle can be attached to a standard hose for cleaning. The nozzle rotates almost 180 degrees, which also offers great flexibility to clean gutters.


Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner Questions and Answers

Q: I’d like to know if its end point rotates or swivels freely and fits into the gutters from all angles.
A: Yes, it rotates and can fit into gutters effortlessly at different angles.

Q: Can I use Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner to remove pine needles out of the gutter?
A: You can do that only if there’s enough water pressure to clean thoroughly in the gutter.

Q: Is Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner to be attached to a hose or a power washer?
A: It’s to be attached to the hose and should be used without exerting too much pressure.

Q: Can I use Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner for flushing downspouts thoroughly?
A. Please avoid it if there are a too many leaves at the top of the downspout,

Q: Can I detach the end of the wand with the fitting that sprays the water to attach a different nozzle for cleaning?
A: No, the Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner has a pressure fitting, so it cannot be used that way.

Q: Does it double as a sidewalk sweeper also or is it to be used as just a gutter cleaner?
A: Yes, but it is advisable to avoid using it like that if there is too much debris and pine needles inside.


Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner Review

Carrie Owen says in her Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner review that it’s useless and a total waste of money. She can’t spray where she wants to and its mechanism and operation aren’t perfect either. She cannot remove the debris easily and had to struggle a lot.

Minnie Price is also not happy with Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner, which she says in her review is because water splashes all over the place and even after using it for 20 minutes, the the debris remains in the gutter. Karen Perry says she couldn’t operate the cleaner in her 2nd storey house. No proper extension is provided to reach it even till the first storey. She’s started calling a manual professional gutter cleaner to clean it instead.

Maria Clayton, who’s used Kleva Clean Gutter cleaner twice says in her review that it could never get leaves out of the gutter. According to her, the pressure of the cleaner is not enough to remove the leaves out. She prefers cleaning the gutter on her own rather than using this cleaner

Dolores Mendoza finds Kleva Clean Gutter cleaner just good for removing dirt and dust particles but not good for cleaning something like tree leaves for which she struggles a lot. The pressure generated is enough just to clean the dust particles.

Brittany Moss finds difficult removing leaves from the gutter with Kleva Clean Gutter cleaner. She had to at last remove the leaves manually or call some professionals to clean it.

Hattie Banks says Kleva Clean Gutter cleaner is fine enough for small jobs like removing dust or dirt from the gutter but the pressure is not enough to clean the leaves or debris out of the gutter.

Anna Kelley complains that Kleva Clean Gutter cleaner is just hard to hold. She adjusted the nozzle and found the water just plashes out without enough pressure so as to clean the gutter. She found the sprayer tip is made out of cheap plastic and not worth buying.


Buy Kleva Clean Gutter Cleaner for $199.99 at KlevaCleanGutterCleaner.com.au

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