Kitty File Review

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What is Kitty File

As per the infomercial Kitty File is claimed to be a cat scratching post that is designed in such a way that cats will be attracted to it and will be able to trim their claws on their own. It is designed with a gentle filing surface that is in the shape of a honeycomb for effective trimming of claws.



Easily file cat claws

Kitty File promises to be a solution for addressing every pet cat owner’s worry of filing their claws. Cats tend to use their sharp claws to scratch a lot as a part of their basic behavior. Due to this problem many a times the house and furniture keep getting scratched by them. As a part of their grooming process it is important to file their claws often but using a claw clipper is a process where the cats may even get hurt. Kitty File claims to provide a much easier solution where the owners don’t have to really worry about filing and cats can themselves do this chore with pleasure.


Ingenious design

Kitty File asserts to offer a design that is planned thoughtfully and considers the approach that cats would take to do what is asked by it. It is a simple pad that can be placed anywhere on the floor to attract the cats naturally. The pad is infused in a way that it acts as a pull to the cats and brings their curious minds towards the pad. There is a toy bird attached to the head of Kitty File with a laser to it. The pad is made in a honeycomb fashion so that it grips on the claws and gently and neatly trims them off in a much better fashion than the claw clippers would work. The honeycomb material is gentle, non-abrasive so that it does not hurt the kitties while trimming their claws. Also there is an utmost comfort in using Kitty File as it is declared to come with a Durafile technology that does not slice through the claws.

Exceptional working mechanics

Kitty File is stated to be made in a way that every cat will definitely be attracted to it. The base is catnip infused which attracts them and creates a reason for them to play with it. The aroma of catnip is essentially added to Kitty File base so that cats will linger around it and enjoy rubbing up against the base and even start scratching it. The bird attached to Kitty File consists of a laser that triggers over motion and shoots out when the cat is around. This neat trick lures the cat over the pad and they start chasing the red dot over the pad. This way Kitty File alleges to file their claws while making them feel it’s playtime and trims the claws simultaneously. Kitty File convinces to be very intelligent in its functioning as its laser comes with an automatic shut off that is based on motion sensor.


What do I get?

You will receive two Kitty Fileā„¢ Scratching Board for the low price of only $19.95 plus $12.9 P&H. Official website

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