Kitty Cat Laser Light Review

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About Kitty Cat Laser Light

Kitty Cat Laser Light is a laser light toy for cats, which claims to keeps the pet playing and entertained for hours. Kitty Cat Laser Light asserts to stimulate the cat’s hunting and playing instinct. With this Kitty Cat Laser Light convinces that the cat will play by itself and won’t claw at your furniture or sofas. Kitty Cat Laser Light declares that it is compact and easily attaches anywhere.



How does it work

The light and portable Kitty Cat Laser Light proclaims to have an adjustable clip that can be attached to any desk, table, or chair and its randomly moving laser light will keep the cat chasing it for hours. Kitty Cat Laser Light convinces to have super bright laser light that flashes over a distance of 20 feet so the kitty will chase it from the door, floor, to the furniture and walls and stay entertained for hours.


Dance party for your pet cat

Anyone who has a pet cat knows how playful the feline breed is and you need to be on your toes to keep them entertained. If your cat has scratched your expensive furniture or walls to keep boredom away then Kitty Cat Laser Light assures to be the right solution for you. Kitty Cat Laser Light is a laser light toy that asserts that your cat will be moving and grooving for hours. Kitty Cat Laser Light convinces to make a dance club for the kitty right in your house and keep it prancing around. Kitty Cat Laser Light states to have a randomly moving laser light that the cat will keep chasing for as long as the toy is on. With its reach of more than 20 feet away, Kitty Cat Laser Light promises that the cat will have a lot of space to cover from the floor, the door to the wall and furniture.

Exercising, playing, and hunting for cats

Kitty Cat Laser Light convinces to be compact and have an adjustable clip that attaches to any place such as the edge of a table or a chair. Because of this feature there will be no clutter of toys on the floor, like with traditional cat toys. Cats also bore of these toys easily and play with them only for short while but Kitty Cat Laser Light guarantees that your kitty will be entertained for hours together. It also emphasizes to switch off automatically so you do not have to worry about turning it off. After hours of playing with Kitty Cat Laser Light, the toy states that the cat will be too tired to claw furniture or seek your attention to play. The laser light toy declares that it stimulates the cat’s natural instinct to play and to hunt so it will keep jumping, pouncing, and playing all the time. With this Kitty Cat Laser Light claims to get them exercise and fun at the same time without you having to leave your work or sleep to play with them.


What do I get?

You will get Two Kitty Cat Laser Light Pet Toy for $14.99 plus $9.98 P&H.)fficial website

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  1. Michael Brizendine | July 12, 2016 at 3:01 pm | Reply

    I like what I see but how do I buy it . I have really wanted to buy one sence they have come out. can you please tell me how to buy the it’s the one that has the ball mounted in the cat and you can mount the cat . My email is brizendinemichael58@gmailcom I hope you can under stand my righting.

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