Kids Wealth Review

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What is Kids Wealth?

It is a unique game designed as a kit that consists of tools like calendar, kids guide, money kit and more which teaches children the value of money, saving, investing and how to manage finances successfully the fun way.


It’s never too early to learn…

We spend a fortune for providing best school education to children but what about teaching them some basic skills like managing money and saving well to prepare them for their future? Kids Wealth is an innovative way to introduce kids to simple yet very important finance and life lessons through an interesting game. It’s a known fact that children grasp things far more effectively through games and fun activities. The inventors of Kids Wealth state that this game kit has been built around this fact, which makes it great fun and very engrossing. It means children come together to play it the way they should to imbibe the most important experiences without feeling that they were learning something. The promoters of the game proclaim that it has attained immense popularity everywhere so it’s time you adopt it for your kids too.


Fun while kids learn

One of the highlights of Kids Wealth is the fact that it is immensely interesting and fun even though it’s basically educational in nature. It has been crafted as a very exciting game in which children learn to save, invest, give and also have fun. The game comprises tools such as stickers, kids’ agreement, age tracker booklet game tracker and more meant for different transactions. For instance, the kit has a sticker calendar which helps them keep track of their goals and accomplishments. And every time children earn money in the course of the game, they divide it into separate wallets provided for saving, giving, education, giving, investing and for fun. Two guides, one for children and one for parents, are provided in the kit that act as guiding signposts that explain important concepts in a simple way.



Approved and liked by parents too

According to the creators of Kids Wealth, it is meant for not children of just one age group but caters to them from pre-school right through teens. It encompasses tremendous opportunities and scope for children to learn practical things they will apply in real life such as making short term and long term financial goals, making purchases at the right time, avoiding accumulating debts, experiencing the joy of giving through charity and more. Kids Wealth even provides kids incentives through rewards for doing something right and making smart decisions. Teaching these concepts through ordinary methods doesn’t work as effectively as introducing these things through interesting methods. Opting for Kids Wealth means that kids have fun while learning and parents are happy to see the transformation in them which makes them future ready. In addition to that, the game also enhances parent- child interaction and makes it really easy for them to master valuable concepts effortlessly as the game is really simple and fun.


What do I get?

You’ll get the whole kit, in the age group of your choice,for just $19.99 and just $7.95 shipping and handling! Each kit includes a calendar, guide, money kit, stickers, kid’s agreement and specific age tracker booklet.Official website


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