Kerafy Hair Building Fibers REVIEW

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About Kerafy

Kerafy is a hair building fibers which is said to represents a revolution in a way that we can hide something so delicate and something so personal as hair loss instantly. It is easy to use, simply shake fibers lightly into thinning areas until completely covered.and gently pat your hair to disperse fibers evenly. This action tends fibers bond instantly to your natural hair leaving you with a thicker, fuller-looking head of hair in minutes. For maximum durability finish with the Fiber-Lock Spray, it helps in maintaining fuller and thicker looking hair.


Kerafy Hair Building Fibers CLAIMS

They claim that the fibers they use are unique fibers are made from high-quality plant proteins that look and feel just like real human hair. They are are softer, lighter, and blend more seamlessly with natural hair. Kerafy fibers carry a very strong static charge, once bound to your hair our fibers stay in place. In addition they state that the softer and lighter fibers will not irritate skin or clog pores and also the colors do not run or fade and hence will not stain clothes or linens. Kerafy is ideal for both men and women and can withstand wind, rain and perspiration. Kerafy promises that the product works instantly and restores fuller hair making one feel a younger confident self

These claims seem to be too far-fetched and will be confirmed only after the product is reviewed.

Kerafy Review

Kerafy does not work as advertised. It looks as if you have ash on your head and since it is a black powder the hair looks opaque and dirty. Fibers do not adhere. One of the customer said about the product that it falls out of hair and makes hair look dirty. It is very fake looking and is not even close to natural looking hair. It is basically furry dust and it gets everywhere.

Fibers used in Kerafy are not of good quality. They don’t stay in place unless you use a large amount of hairspray. One of the customer had a strong review about the product that stated Kerafy is cheap, stay away. This is not vegan and will irritate your scalp. That product not good and gives a feeling of discomfort.

Kerafy Questions and Answers

Q: Does it come off with water?
A: You can easily wash it off.

Q: Will product run if caught in rain or sweating outside?
A: Yes and the manufacturer must correct that problem.

Q: Can you use a hold hair spray that holds your hair in place after you’ve applied this product?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Do it really grow your hair?
A: No

Q: I’m African American would Kerafy work for me?
A: They didn’t specify who not to use. Everybody can use

Q: Does Kerafy stain the skin? Like if I touch my hair, will my hands get color on it?
A: Yes but if you use a spray on your hair right afterwards, there won’t be any problem.

What do I get?

  • 1 Bottle of 12g Hair Building Fibers
  • 1 Bottle of Fiber-Lock Spray
  • 1 Hairline Enhancer

Price: $39.95 + $6.95 S/h | Official website:

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