Kenji Food Maker Pro Review

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What is Kenji Food Maker Pro

It is a top quality food processor that promises to chop, blend, dice and mince in a matter of seconds.

Kenji Food Maker Pro stresses that it can become your perfect accomplice in the kitchen making your regular tasks a lot easier. Even if you want to cook at home on a regular basis you are put off by the thought of having to prep food items as it can be a time consuming exercise. You want to inculcate healthy eating habits into your loved ones but you just can’t seem to do that because you are always hard pressed for time. Kenji Food Maker Pro asserts that now all your kitchen tasks will be done in a matter of seconds so that you have a lot of time to spare and indulge in your passions.


Kenji Food Maker Pro Features and Benefits

Kenji Food Maker Pro’s Powerful Performance
Kenji Food Maker Pro maintains that it is a superior quality food processor that delivers brilliant performance every single time, irrespective of the task you have on hand. For starters it has a special design dual stainless steel blade that is effective when it comes to chopping, dicing fruits and vegetables. The performance of Kenji Food Maker Pro is boosted by its powerful motor as well. But the good news is that it is a low noise motor, which doesn’t cause you any disturbance at all.

Kenji Food Maker Pro also claims to have a big capacity jar so that you can make juices, healthy soups and a lot more for your entire family. Kenji Food Maker Pro claims to have low noise motor and the food processor has a capacity of 1.5 litres, it also claims to have Special design dual stainless steel blade and it comes with storage lid to mix or store fresh food.



What does Kenji Food Maker Pro do?
Kenji Food Maker Pro emphasizes that it has been equipped to handle a wide range of tasks for you; from dicing to mixing, chopping and blending. It is also capable of chopping ice for you in case you want to make refreshing beverages or cocktails for guests at home. With the help of Kenji Food Maker Pro you can make juices and desserts, healthy smoothies and baby food as well. Thus you have a single, smart looking appliance in your kitchen to handle all the tasks you have.

Kenji Food Maker Pro comes with a storage lid, which is a huge help while mixing. Moreover you can also store food in this processor because of that, which is an added advantage.


What do I get?

  • Power Head
  • Pitcher
  • Pitcher Splash Guard
  • Tall Blade
  • Storage Lid

All this for just £59.99 at


3 Comments on "Kenji Food Maker Pro Review"

  1. Helen Maydwell | May 16, 2017 at 9:48 am | Reply

    I can highly recommend the Kenji. I bought mine 4 years ago in Woolworths and have made peanut butter. which is much healthier than any from the shelf. I add nothing and never remove the skins which are as rich in resveratrol as the skins of grapes. It tastes delicious.
    It will puree any food quickly with ease.

  2. I have the Kenji foodmaker pro and I find it great for making salsas and smoothies.
    One problem is that the black seal on the lid came off during blending and ended up in the smoothie going round and round. Now it is loose all the time. Does any one have a replacement seal please.

    • Hello

      Are parts available for the Kenji food maker or have they been discontinued?

      Can you please advise me.

      Thank You

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