K9 Copper Collar REVIEW

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What is K9 Copper Collar As per the TV infomercial it the world’s first Homeopathic and therapeutic dog collar comprising of copper.

K9 Copper Collar Claims

Keep dogs healthy – K9 Copper Collar alleges to be a therapeutic belt that helps in overall growth of young pups and soothe the issues such as arthritis in older dogs. At this point of time there are no K9 Copper Collar reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Benefits of K9 Copper Collar

– K9 Copper Collar proclaims that use of copper helps in development of dog’s bones, connective tissue, collagen, and protects the nerves. It also is emphasized as an antioxidant to help absorb iron and improve red blood cell functions. Such farfetched claims will be verified once K9 Copper Collar is reviewed. K9 Copper Collar promises to be durable and strong. Also it is weather resistant for a round-the-year usage. Did you find K9 Copper Collar helpful? Send us your reviews.

The K9 Copper Collar belt for dogs is designed with therapeutic benefits. It comes with a custom fit and has the multiple advantages that copper provide for improving their overall health.

Essential Copper element – Copper plays a very important role in the well-being of us humans as well as dogs. K9 Copper Collar offers the benefits of copper to help develop and maintain good health of dogs. It essentially helps repair and protect various bodily functions. The benefits with K9 Copper Collar are that your dog’s cardiovascular system, heart health, arteries, skeletal system, nervous system and the cognitive functions are boosted. The body requires copper and is heavily found in brain and liver. Also about 50% of copper is found in the bones and muscles. Wearing K9 Copper Collar will benefit the dog and provide a homeopathic, therapeutic relief. K9 Copper Collar benefits dogs having inflammatory afflictions such as arthritis and rheumatism. It works differently from dietary copper as it is readily absorbed through the bloodstream while wearing K9 Copper Collar.

Why Copper? – K9 Copper Collar states that the benefits of copper have been noted since many civilizations. People wear bracelets and ornaments made using copper for its powerful properties. Benefits with K9 Copper Collar are backed by university researches that state that copper bracelets are helpful to absorb 13 mg of copper on an average. K9 Copper Collar states that the same benefits are forwarded for dogs using its innovatively designed belt.

Involvement of copper in body – With the K9 Copper Collar your dog’s internal body will benefit a lot. Copper is known to promote respiratory and synthesizing need of hemoglobin. This is one of the reasons why it is used for treatment for anemia. Another benefit of K9 Copper Collar is that it acts as an antioxidant and prevents the rancidity of polyunsaturated fats. It helps in building up and breaking down of body tissues for overall grown. The benefits with K9 Copper Collar extend to synthesis of phospholipids which promotes the myelin sheath surround the nerves.

Protects from arthritis – K9 Copper Collar provides benefit to copper-dependent enzyme in the body via a collar design. This enzyme is responsible for reducing inflammation and pain. K9 Copper Collar even promotes the generation of the same enzyme as a part of its list of benefits. K9 Copper Collar additionally benefits damaged tissues by arthritis effects by providing them repair and protection.

Supplements the coat – One of the many benefits with K9 Copper Collar is that it helps in maintaining melanin, a copper-dependent pigment. Lack of it causes premature graying of dog’s fur and even loss of shine on the coat.

Boosts the immune system – K9 Copper Collar benefits the immune system by eliminating the harmful impact of toxic materials and minerals. As a result of this benefit, toxins are removed, which otherwise compete for absorption as its getting absorbed via the K9 Copper Collar.

Thwarts cardiovascular diseases – The K9 Copper Collar benefits in saving the dog from atherosclerosis and aortic aneurysms. It promotes the heart health by keeping cholesterol level in check. Benefits with K9 Copper Collar extend to the cardiovascular system which degrades due to loss of copper and increases risk of heart problems or high blood pressure. One other benefit of K9 Copper Collar is that it protects the arteries from damages to decrease chances of blocking and increased mortality. The copper used in K9 Copper Collar helps in cross-linking collagen and elastin fiber health. It benefits the arteries to maintain its integrity for a fully-functional system.

Avoid numerous deficiencies – K9 Copper Collar benefits are touted to help soothe general deficiencies arising due to lack of copper in body. Dogs may feel restless and even tired without much of exercise. K9 Copper Collar assures that they will benefit from its design and start getting involved in a much active lifestyle. K9 Copper Collar also benefits to soothe impaired respiration problems, skin sores, elevated LDL and reduced HDL cholesterol levels.

For all dogs – K9 Copper Collar benefits young pups that are growing by supplementing their body with essential copper every day. The benefits of K9 Copper Collar also apply to older dogs who are suffering from arthritis and cardiovascular disorders. Another benefit of K9 Copper Collar is that its adjustable and works on all breeds of dogs.

What do I get?

  • Small: Neck size of 9.5 – 13.5 inches | Price: $12.99 + $6.99 P&H
  • Medium: Neck size of 13 – 18.5 inches | Price: $14.99 + $6.99 P&H
  • Large: Neck size of 18.5 – 24.5 inches | Price: $14.99 + $6.99 P&H

Official website: BuyCopperCollar.com

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