Jitter Ball Review

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What is Jitter Ball –

It claims to be an amazing new toy for dogs and puppies that will make them receive endless amount of fun. It shakes, rattles and rolls on its own across the floor to provide fun playtime for dogs.

Best playtime for every dog

Jitter Ball guarantees to be the most unique and revolutionary toy that you will ever need to keep your pet dog engaged for hours. At this point of time there are no Jitter Ball reviews available that will attest to its claims. Jitter Ball states to be much better than plush toys that can tear easily, which is a claim better left upon user reviews to resolve. Jitter Ball assures that unlike activities that require the owner to be always around, it does not need any supervision or involvement. Such a unique design does make Jitter Ball an interesting toy; Jitter Ball reviews will expose the truth.

Unique design

Jitter Ball promises to be designed keeping in mind every type of dog right from the time they are little pups. Such a design means Jitter Ball is a sure shot hit but we will know more once users send us their reviews for analysis. Jitter Ball declares to have a mine like design that comes with colourful ends. There is a button on Jitter Ball that when pressed makes it jitter like crazy on the floor. This way, Jitter Ball alleges to start shaking, rattling and rolling on its own. Such tall claims made by Jitter Ball will only be proved once users review it. Jitter Ball guarantees to deliver endless fun because it moves in random directions and continuously keeps moving to provide tons of enjoyment. Does Jitter Ball really provide such endless fun for dogs? Jitter Ball reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Durable toy

Jitter Ball asserts to have a durable frame, which does not get affected by regular banging and grabbing by dogs. In fact, it is designed to last for a long time with its heavy duty frame and quality construction. Currently there are no Jitter Ball reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Jitter Ball states to have random movements imbibed in it so that the dogs keep getting workout and attracts even the laziest of dogs off the couch. Also, Jitter Ball alleges that it does not get stuck in a corner or hang up on furniture due to its random movement pattern. There are no Jitter Ball reviews available as yet that will support or defy any of its claims. Jitter Ball maintains to be perfect for all types of breeds and sized dogs with playtime provided even to pups. Such fancy claims by Jitter Ball do make it an attractive toy but we will know for sure only once Jitter Ball reviews are out. Jitter Ball convinces to work on all types of floor indoors including rugs, wood, tile and outdoors on grass and pavement. Did your dog find Jitter Ball fun? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You will receive Two Jitter Ball™ Pet Toy for only $14.99 plus $9.98P&H.Official website jitterball.com

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  1. I bought a Jitter Ball for my two dogs, a cocker spaniel and a Japanese Chin. The Chin had no interest in it whatsoever, and the cocker barked at it a couple of times and walked away. On several occasions after that I tried to get them interested, but they weren’t into it at all. I gave it away, maybe some other dog will enjoy it but neither of mine did, unfortunately.

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