iTrex Review

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About iTrex

iTrex states to be a tracking device that helps you prevent misplacing your things. iTrex claims to be easy to use and ultra lightweight making it convenient to be tagged on items easily. iTrex states to let you keep a watchful eye on your pets and kids and also prevent your keys from misplacing.


How does it work

Tracking items that are prone to being misplaced is stated to be very easy with iTrex. Proclaiming to track practically anything you want to keep safe, the tracking device also claims to be very easy to install and use. iTrex maintains that all you need to do is just attach the tag to any item and download the app. You can allegedly know when the tag is on the move or travels far from the set location with the cloud-based technology. iTrex asserts to use parameters that you set within the software to give you the tracking. You can use the device in reverse to locate your phone or tablet, as well.


Loss prevention at your fingertips

Misplacing things causes much inconvenience. Imagine rushing out for an important work and realizing that you lose your home or car keys! Not only does that cause inconvenience but can also invite intruders and robbers. But iTrex is a tracking device that guarantees to give you peace of mind and prevent loss of items easily. Emphasizing to be extremely lightweight, iTrex needs to be attached to things that you misplace he most and be tracked with the help of its mobile app. iTrex convinces that the app is free and there is no monthly fee involved so you can use it as regularly as you want.



For keys, pets and kids

iTrex promises to be the most perfect tracking device that uses cloud-based technology to help you locate your misplaced things. It states to have an ever-budding network of users. iTrex convinces to let you keep your keys safe and attach to your pet’s collar to prevent it from going missing. It also declares that you can keep a watchful eye on your kids while giving them their space by attaching the device to their bags. iTrex clakms to give a Missing Sound Alert and an On-screen Location Indicator. iTrex maintains that it has movement alert so that you can find your missing thing easily.


Great features

To give you more convenience, iTrex assures to have a remote photo capture, remote SOS activation so that you can keep things safe even when you are away. iTrex maintains to let you keep an eye on your kids when in a crowded area with its Crowd GPS Technology. The battery life of iTrex convinces to be very long lasting.


What do I get?

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