iSpy Flashlight

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What is iSpy

It is a UV flashlight that claims to let you see the mysteries in your surroundings that your naked eye can’t see. iSpy asserts that now it’s possible for you to stay on top of things and notice objects, fakes and other mysteries in your surroundings that you would otherwise miss out on.


How does iSpy work?

As they say, every home is filled with hundreds of mysteries that are just not visible to the naked eye. What if you were told that there were bugs under your bed, which you cannot spot in day light? Or that all your efforts to keep the litter tray have come to a naught because there was still some pet urine on it? This flashlight promises to offer you an effective way of spotting these invisible household hazards. It is a claim that we can confirm only after going through iSpy reviews.


A scientific way to see invisible hazards

There are some things like germs, camouflaged critters that you just can’t see with the naked eye or under normal light. But they will become visible to you because of the UV spectrum of this flashlight. Is that true in your experience? We hope you will tell us more about it in your iSpy reviews. The secret of this flashlight lies in the specialized UV LEDs that it uses. It’s because of them that you can see things that stay hidden in and around the house. We wonder if these LEDs are really helpful and have to wait for iSpy reviews to corroborate this claim as well.


Has hundreds of applications for you

There are several ways you can use this flashlight to your convenience in your homes. For starters, it can help you see things like pet urine and blood, which can be the breeding ground for germs. Moreover it can also help you see under the carpet and other hard to reach areas, which is an added advantage. Your iSpy reviews can tell us whether the flashlight helps you see in these tricky areas. It also emphasizes that you can use it to see stains and spots around the house. Scorpions, lice and other creatures won’t stay hidden from it. Was it helpful to see critters? Why don’t you tell us in your iSpy reviews?

iSpy reviews should also be able to tell us whether the flashlight can be used to spot counterfeits, fake paintings, antiques and more.

Portable and well-made

The flashlight is compact and portable, which is why you can take it with you when you go camping or for night fishing. Did you find it easily portable? We would ask you to tell us about it in your iSpy reviews. The flashlight also stresses that it is made out of aluminum and is thus quite durable. It has also been designed to be resistant to corrosion; hence you can use it anywhere, even to find those leaks in homes or your drives. iSpy reviews can reveal more about these properties of this flashlight.


What do I get?

  • 1 ISpy Flashlight
  • 1 guide
  • 1 pen

Price: $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H | Official website:

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