Instyler Straight Up Brush Review

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What is Instyler Straight Up Brush?

As per the infomercial it is a unique brush that consists of 65 ceramic heaters that can straighten the hair in one pass and provides salon quality hair in less than five minutes.



Advantages of Instyler Straight Up

  • Lightweight and strongly built. NOT some Chinese junk.
  • Heats up pretty quick and stays hot for long.
  • Instyler Straight Up works for those with stronger and fuller hair.
  • Produces good straight results on midsection of wavy and curly hair.
  • Swivel cord stays UN-tangled.
  • Good safety features.
  • Good quality ceramic hair straightener


Disadvantages of Instyler Straight Up Brush

  • Instyler does not come with a manual.
  • No information is available regarding cleaning the Instyler Straight Up Brush.
  • Though the temperature is adjustable – when turned on the default temperature is set to the highest (450 degree). So you have to be very careful and adjust the temperature everytime you start it.
  • Certainly not an alternative to good old straightening irons. Does not straighten the hair like a straightening iron.
  • Does not work very well on thick hair. Gets tangled on thick hair. Takes a longer to straighten thick hair.
  • Not suitable for thick, coarse and frizzy hair.
  • Have to work the Instyler Straight Up brush sevreal times through the hair to get the desired results. This is especially true for NON-fine hair.
  • Though it succeeds in getting your hair straight, hair do not stay straight longer.
  • Not very effective on short hair.
  • Pulls lot of hair.
  • Not very effective in straightening the ends of the hair.
  • Does not make your hair silky smooth.


Instyler Straight Up REVIEW

Suzanne says in her Instyler Straight Up REVIEW that “Feeling quite disappointed with Instyler. Its bristles didn’t stretch my hair well enough for straightening. The tips were also hot, which made brushing hair over my neck risky. However, it does heat up well.“

Sophie CABRERA in her Instyler Straight Up REVIEW complains “I’m not too happy with this product. Though it did spruce up my straightened hair, it didn’t work when my hair was curly and thick. I made sections of my hair and used a flat iron but that didn’t help much either.”

Clara complains in her review “Have switched over to CHI hair straightener. Even brushing my hair with Instyler after washing and drying thrice didn’t work. My hair didn’t straighten but turned wiry, rough and dull. CHI seems much better as it also makes my hair silkier and shinier.”

Nicole on Instyler Straight Up “My daughter and I wanted to try this brush. Well, it looks chic (the colours are awesome) and heats up fast, but it can’t straighten hair that well. It worked better on my daughter’s hair probably because it’s longer. As for me, I guess I should continue using my flat iron, which gives smoother and quicker results.”

Emily complains in her review “My hair’s a bit wavy and of medium volume. In summers, it turns all frizzy. I thought of trying Instyler to see if it’s better than my flat iron. However, I felt a little pain and discomfort, and my hair remained frizzy even though it straightened a bit. My flat iron seems better, so I’ll continue with it.”

Mia in her review states “I have very fine, dry hair of medium length. I used this product at minimum temperature, but I wasn’t satisfied. I think this product is only for those who’re blessed with stronger and healthier hair.”

Christine says ”I tried tucking the ends of my hair towards the end of the stroke. It worked only to some extent, though my hair did straighten with it pretty well.”

Brooke who reviewed Instyler Straight Up brush says “I used clips to section my hair for blow drying and ran the brush through smoothly but it had captured all the strands. Normal brushing didn’t create enough tension to straighten my hair well. It was a video on YouTube which showed that I had to position the brush differently. I did that, and it worked.“

Aylin is happy with her Instyler, she mentions in her review “I’d say that Instyler is efficient, easy to use and saves time. It did a fine job quickly, so I wouldn’t mind using it again.”

Eva who used the Instyler Straight Up Brush says in her review “This product doesn’t suit my thick, curly hair. It can’t even reach the roots. I’d better subject less heat to my hair, so I’ll stick to my flat iron. “

Lena in her testimonial says “I have wavy hair and don’t use high temperature settings while brushing and straightening. Once I raised the temperature slowly while straightening and moved it over my hair, taking care that its heated plates touched it consistently. However, it wasn’t working so I selected maximum temperature. Though it straightened my hair a bit, I had to use my flat iron ultimately. Conclusion- Instyler is easy to use, heats up well and has a decent cord length. However, it tends to get tangled in thick hair (even shoulder length) and also makes tips turn curly. One needs to exercise caution while using it.”


Our Verdict – Instyler Straight UP Ceramic brush is OK for “light” hair straightening that does not require too much of efforts. BUT if you want hardcore results than this is ceramic brush will disappoint you and you will have to go back to the hair straightening iron. Also, Instyler Straight UP priced at $60 is pricey compared to the results and reviews. We would give Instyler Straight UP a 3 star ratings, it is a great product if you could buy it for half the price.

Instyler Straight UP is not the only ceramic hair straightening CERAMIC brush in the market. There are tons of such ceramic brushes available from $30 to $60. A simple search for “ceramic hair straightening brush” on will list a plethora of such brushes you can choose from. We recommend “Pro Balance Brush Hair Straightener” which is very similar to Instyler Straight UP but has lesser heat settings (Pro Balance has 3 temp settings and Instyler has 7) though the minimum and maximum temperatures achieved are the same.

When choosing the right ceramic hair straightening brush please see the reviews that match your hair texture. Also always check 1 2 and 3 star reviews to fully understand the PROS/CONS of the product. These 1/2/3 star rating reviews ussually hide below the glaring 4 and 5 star reviews.

Does Instyler Straight UP work with 220v? – No it works with 120v


Instyler Straight Up Brush Claims

Straight hair in no time – Instyler Straight Up Brush proclaims to be the best hair straightening solution that takes less time, is effective and saves money. Although there are Instyler Straight Up Brush reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. Instyler Straight Up Brush assures that unlike flat irons that are extremely tedious and dangerous to use, it is better in design and delivers much professional result. Such confidence shown by Instyler Straight Up Brush makes it a worthy buy; Instyler Straight Up Brush reviews will expose the truth.


New-age design – Instyler Straight Up Brush convinces to have a design that provides best of both worlds. It has the heat of flat iron and precision of a hair brush combined in one. At this point of time there are no Instyler Straight Up Brush reviews available that will attest to its claims. Instyler Straight Up Brush guarantees that it has 65 ceramic heaters that are aligned in shape of a brush. These heaters heat up when plugged in and is to be used similar to combing with a regular brush. To use Instyler Straight Up Brush, it states to partition the hair in strands and start combing. The hair starts to straighten up in a single pass with its healthy heat promoted via ceramic heater teeth. Is Instyler Straight Up Brush really as effective as it claims to be? Instyler Straight Up Brush reviews will soon reveal the fact.

Attractive features – Instyler Straight Up Brush promises that it takes half the time that a traditional flat iron takes. Instyler Straight Up Brush does not have the hazards of burning the hair that the flat iron poses. Instyler Straight Up Brush further emphasizes that it heats up evenly so that the hair on the edges of the brush do not stay unaffected. Such fanciful claims made by Instyler Straight Up Brush will be validated once it is reviewed. Instyler Straight Up Brush states to be designed to provide easy handling with buttons accessible while in use. There is also an LED to display the temperature it is used at. Does Instyler Straight Up Brush provide salon-quality straight hair under five minutes? Send us your Instyler Straight Up Brush reviews.


What do I get?

You get Instyler Straight Up Brush and Thermal Protectant Bag & Styling Comb for $39.95.Official website

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  1. Best I have ever used is the Karmin

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