InnoTab MAX Review

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What is InnoTab MAX

As per the TV ad of InnoTab MAX, it claims to be the only tablet that provides a unique learning experience with the best of both worlds – learning cartridges and android apps. It also maintains that it is the fastest tablet that has a library supported by the experts and exhaustive educational android apps with over 650 downloads and cartridges to choose from for kids between 3-9 years of age.


How does InnoTab MAX work?

Best of both educational worlds – learning cartridges and android apps
InnoTab MAX is a tablet for kids that assures to combine the best of two educational worlds – learning cartridges and android apps. It maintains to be the fastest tablet that has an exhaustive library that is supported by educational experts and has a wide range of educational android apps that have been chosen with great care. It states that it has a great software library that provides kids years of learning experience. The syllabus of InnoTab MAX is stated to be backed by experts in all the educational fields you can imagine, from Mathematics, Reading, Science, Problem Solving and a lot more. The tablet claims that it gives a rich experience of learning along with some fun for kids with its fun and educational games on all the different subjects so that it is not just mindless reaction to what they see on the screen while playing games on traditional tablets.


Parents can control and communicate with kids
Parents can rest assured that their kids would be making use of only the valuable things when connected on InnoTab MAX since it asserts to have a kid-safe wifi connection and also parental controls. It claims to give controls like time limit to browsing, websites that are approved by the parents, a log to manage the progress and also a control on what is being downloaded. This way parents find a perfect solution while buying a tablet for the kid because not only does InnoTab MAX promise to give valuable educational content but the browsing is safe too. The tablet also emphasizes that it can let parents communicate with their kids in real time with it.

Parents can use their iPhones and Android phones to send text messages, voice messages, photos and even cool stickers and drawings to the kids. The fun, as the tablet proclaims, can extend to other family members with Group Chats and Family Bulletin, too. Even if it’s a kiddie tablet, InnoTab MAX claims to be a great way to connect parents with kids while having fun even when the family member is away from the kid. It also proclaims to have a 180 degree camera to let the kid have fun sending pics and videos to parents and friends.



Connects to the TV screen
Other than education, InnoTab MAX also convinces that its multi-touch screen will let the kids browse the net and use the parent-approved sites. It states that it comes with an HDMI cable that makes it possible for the user to connect the tab to a TV set so that you can show photographs, play videos and even play music on to the TV screen for the family or friends to enjoy along with you. InnoTab MAX maintains to come with a flip and fold stand that makes it possible to go hands-free while viewing the tab so that the kid can view it lounging on a couch or even in bed or has his hands occupied with a crafts project while watching a DIY video. The cover of the tablet is claimed to be tough for kids’ rough use and easily removable so that they can feel that they are using the tab like the grown-ups.


Adaptable design
The design of InnoTab MAX is proclaimed to be adaptable and it has a wide range of learning games and apps that are appropriate according to the ages of the kids right from pre-kindergarten 2-5 years that includes basic stuff like handwriting, spellings and reading. It also claims to have science and social studies that include physical science, spatial sense, and light reflection, creative and problem solving category with Observation, Pattern and Logic and also Math that includes counting, addition and subtraction, everything for kids of 1-3 Grade of up to 9 years of age. The vast amount of content in the app store of InnoTab MAX is guaranteed to delight the kids who will be spoilt for choice about what they should be choosing. The tablet states that it has great memory with 8 GB storage that can be expanded to 40 GB so the amount of educational and fun things in the tab will never run out. You can also choose the size of the tablet for your kid, right from 4.3” for your tiny tot to 7” for an older kid. The rechargeable battery of the tablet makes sure kids can have fun with the tab for as long as they want.



STEAM for kids
InnoTab MAX convinces that it is all inclusive of any discipline of education a kid needs to learn, right from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM). The syllabus of the tablet is emphasized to be created putting all these together so that the kid can learn what is taught in schools with the real-world application. InnoTab MAX convinces that all the content has been curated by educators who have picked out the best of content that’s appropriate for kids according to their ages, learning content and also the fun element. It assures to have a whopping 650+ cartridges and downloads that will meet the need of your kid according to his age. No matter what the kid is interested in from art to science, he will find something of immense use and fun and years of learning experience on InnoTab MAX as claimed by its promoters. The kid will never run away from learning even during holidays or vacations because it won’t feel like only studying but is fun and games at the same time.


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  1. Just bought one and its bad, wifi will not stay connection, trouble downloading. For the money I paid, this is a bad product. would not recommend to anyone to buy.

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