In Styler BLU Review

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What is In Styler BLU:

It claims to be the lightest and most powerful dryer that does the job of drying hair quickly and efficiently.

In Styler BLU maintains that it brings the best of hair dryer technology at your fingertips so that you can dry your hair without wasting any time. You know that regular hair dryers lack power and are tedious to work with. In Styler BLU promises to be a smart and effective solution for you. Sadly there aren’t enough In Styler BLU reviews to corroborate these claims for you.


Lightweight but packed with power

In Styler BLU asserts that it has a lightweight and ergonomic design, which makes styling and drying convenient and quick for you. At the same time its performance is boosted by the high power DC motor and Jet Turbine Fan. It enables In Styler BLU to offer you powerful high speed airflow, which can dry your hair faster. Now that’s a tall claim that has to be verified after going through In Styler BLU reviews. We will also analyze In Styler BLU reviews to find out about its Infinity Dial that controls and customizes airflow to meet your personal requirements and gives it an edge over regular dryers with two speed settings.

It’s packed with features for you

The Jet Turbine Fan of In Styler BLU has thinner and lighter blades for compressed airflow. When BLU Photonic ions of the dryer come in contact with wet hair, they convert large water droplets into microbeads that dry faster. The airflow ensures that these microbeads are removed from hair so that it dries quickly while maintaining natural moisture to give you healthier, shinier, dried hair. With precision control you have blowout look as you get volume and body. In Styler BLU reviews can offer more information about its mechanism.

Some of other features of In Styler BLU include two heat settings, cool shot, 8’ power cord and concentrator. The BLU Mini, a travel dryer with Tourmaline ceramic grill is also a part of the system. In Styler BLU reviews are awaited to shed more light on it.


What do I get?

You get In Styler BLU for $320.00.Official website

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